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Game killing bug

I am barely able to battle anyone. Est. 75% of the time or greater the match times out (it was 25%-50% just days ago, this issue is getting worse). Afterwards the PVP battle screen does not load. I have to click on the map, then go back to PVP. I am not having connection issues and its happening on multiple connections, on multiple devices, and multiple accounts. I have reinstalled and it did not solve the problem.

Also, when it seems like it is going into a battle, many times…and this is crazy…a message comes up on the screen that “This sanctuary is overworked right now”, it shows some random dino not even on my team, and nothing works. This is during a battle…and has nothing to do with sanctuaries.

When in Aviary, almost all of my battles either do the above or countdown to fight AI. The AI works fine, I can battle them without issues. So I dropped down about 500 trophies into Lockwood or whatever. The AI works fine there too. Right now, my options to get battles done is to lose…over and over again so I can fight AI and not get takedowns, or deal with this error and possibly get a battle or two done in an hour, max maybe 4.

When outside of Aviary, if the matching screen takes more than about 3 seconds, its almost guaranteed this issue will occur, so I hit cancel, then press the battle button again and most of the time, I am given an AI opponent regardless of loses. This is dangerous and could allow people to cheat to higher ranks.

This bug…whatever it is…is a game killer that only started with 2.0 . It seems to be tied into the friends and previous opponents not showing (its just spinning circles) because that is occurring to consistently. Its like the game is trying to make a request but its unable to do so and it does not have any exceptions to catch what happens when that request cannot be fulfilled…and so it does not know what to do.

I am using a Galaxy Tab S4 tablet with 6gb RAM and a S7 phone. Darting seems to be working fine. I am not sure what to do here. Most of the bugs are easy to deal with, but this one is restricting my ability to play the game.

***And just to add, the game is lagging like crazy all over: Win lose screen, going from areas in the game to other areas, map loading, etc… something is bogging everything down.

***Something that may help, I did not…from what I remember, experience this issue in the tournament.

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This is probably due to your phone and tab being a bit on the older side now.

I’ve said for some time now that all the features that are being added will be a drain on the ability of devices to keep up. I run a Samsung s8 and that struggles way more than my new iPad for example, and my wife uses a Huawei s20 and rarely has to reboot.

I have to reboot so many times it’s beyond belief on my phone using home WiFi which is super good.
Sometimes it’s the map, other times the battling, but almost every time I use the in game chat.

The game freeze bug is back where if you get the “Your going too fast” at the exact same time as you hit a drop or grab a dino to dart, it freezes.

I don’t think that is the issue. My Tab is not super old and its specs are not a whole lot different than newer tabs, I am able to run other resource hungry apps, and if the tab was the problem, I likely should have seen this in the tournament as well. I actually posted its a Tab S3, its not, its a Tab S4 with the Ram package at 6gb. I replaced the Tab S3 last year. Maybe this is android specific?

Yesterday, during the day, the issue was not nearly as bad as it became last night. This morning, I have had no issues with the battles after 4 battles. This is making me think this issue is server side or some resource that is being requesting is not being handled right and slows everything down. I imagine there are more people on during the day in the US than at night, so it seems like it would not be a overload problem.

I have had a few timeouts now today, its back to about 25% instead 75%. I had a battle timeout, in the middle of the battle, screen went purple, game restarted. I go back in to find the match still continued and one of my dinos was dead. I still barely won.

A little while later I go to start a match and get this

Nothing would work and had to restart…again. You see something in the process is messing up, why does it show choose a creature, but also still a countdown?

Ok, something has been done or changed. I am not seeing this issue at all now on any device or account, on any connection I try. I did another 40 battles and the game was back to working correctly.
I also have not seen my friends list show the spinning circles and the game feels much less laggy.