Game Lag Progressively Getting Worse Over Each Update (And Between)

@E.D As the Community Manager, is there anything you can tell us to Communicate with the Player Base what Ludia is going to do about the lag?

If you aren’t aware, now you are. The game has gotten increasingly slower and slower over the last few Months with each update. I want to say it started right around June 2022. The game began to lag and slow down.

-Viewing your creature collection tab takes longer than expected to view while other tabs don’t have this lag.
-riding as a passenger, you must go less than 20mph for the game to even act like it is going to work.
-riding as a passenger, you can barely spin your map.
-riding as a passenger, you can hardly tap any supply drops anymore. There was a time i could hit everything while riding in a row as well as everything around me in my radius. Now i miss almost all drops.

That was how it began. Then we had the issue with the log in of 30/31 which was i guess unrelated, but didn’t help any frustration in the middle of dealing with all the lag.

Ludia, or specifically you, as Community Manager, has yet to acknowledge this. The 2.17 update notes were released with no mention of any bug fixes nor the lag. We sure do get more confusing moves and abilities that are not needed.

It seems since Jam City has taken over, the game direction is now focused on adding more things each month to empty player’s wallets and then reboot for the next month and do it over with new meta creatures better than the last. Which, whatever, cool, i don’t care. My point is, actions speak louder than words. We are getting a lot of actions and have yet to hear anything about the lag and bug fixes.

Speaking of Communication, what’s up with the Community Update that we received an in-game notification for a couple weeks ago telling us more information was on the forum, but we haven’t had any?

This is not to bash you, Ludia/Jam City, but to point out that we want and need this communication that you all have promised the community time and time again.

We just want to know what’s going on and what you can do to help? Are you all aware of the lag? Are you all looking into a fix? Is there a fix? Why was nothing mentioned in the release notes for 2.17?

Yes, I will submit a ticket to the support email or in my game. This is not only myself who is having this issue though.

Thanks for your understanding,



I’m experiencing the lag also. Hopefully this issue will be resolved either now or next week


I can agree with this, it now takes like 5 seconds to switch menus when i remember it being much faster. The probable cause is all the raids, sanctuaries, strike events, etc.


yeah the map is cluttered. There is no reason that the Raid Bosses shouldn’t or couldn’t be in a tab along side Campaign and PVP. Also no reason that completed Strike Towers can’t be removed and turned back into a regular Supply Drop. The same way they make the Treasure Boxes do on that particular chase.


Yea that and all the new creatures being added to the collection may be responsible too, over 300 dinosaurs now.


This game is laggy after the campaign update!!


If I want to look at my list of creatures, it takes up to a minute to just get there, then another 30-45 seconds after choosing one to even look at an individual one. 🤦🏻‍♀

If Im moving, yeah, I am not grabbing drops or towers, the lag completely denies it.

Its been like this since April. Not June. It just got worse in June.

Emailing support does diddly squat. I don’t even waste my time with it anymore concerning the lag.


i wrote support and it said i was blocked :rofl:


Ah yes the very reason I took a break from this game

Until they learn how to fix it of course


In fairness it has improved marginally over the last couple of months. Lets not forget than in may it took nearly 20s to spin a drop while standing still. Its nowhere near where it should be (particularly when on the move or trying to access certain screens), but is certainly nowhere near the absolute farce of april and may.

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Yeah i was going to add about the supply drop spins but they did fix that and i did think it was before this new stuff. that’s why i said june.

The way i gauged it was this, it was working fine with my last AC in my former alliance. Then when June came i started my team again and it just went downhill fast with the lag. Had it started before i made my alliance i would have quit the game. Now that the team is back together, i have to stick it out and be frustrated. that’s why i said June.

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I feel like it was only the lag for the stops they fixed and somehow moved said lag into other places :laughing: :pensive:

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I don’t have the lag except for entering creatures which makes sense because its a large model, bur I can see why it annoyes people

have you played while riding in a vehicle? it works fine if you are sitting at home on wifi. it isn’t awful when you walk. it’s mainly riding yet the sanctuary and creature collection screens lag regardless.


This game has become bloated, hence the lag. I agree, going into the creature screen to see my team is getting longer and longer. When I want to look at a creature to see stats or level, it’s getting so I might as well put the game down and go grab a cup of coffee or something for how long it is takes.


In fairness, the game was fine (though not perfect) on recent devices till 3mths ago. The rather sudden worsening suggests a specific cause from that time.

right that’s the point. it has progressively getting worse with each update. started to get awful in june and has not gotten better.


yeah i forgot about trying to view a creature. man the box gets smaller than the others and then it lags and finally comes up. it’s annoying too.


Agreed. My phone handles all other games (including rival Pogo) just fine, but JWA is getting slower and slower every time.

Since the last update, I sometimes have to swipe up on my phone because I can’t tell if the phone has crashed or if it’s JWA that’s lagging to the point it looks like it’s soft-locked. So far, it’s always been the latter.


I’ve notice this too. Always thought it was my phone but jwa just keeps getting slower and it’s just really REALLY annoying