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Game launch frozen at 17/26 for hours

This never got a known fix right? Stuck at 17/27 again right now. Last time just had to wait it out…

My account is currently frozen like this too… 17/27 awesome…

Mine is also now stuck at 17/27 for going in 8 hours now. Any help?

Ludia, fix your servers.

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It finally freed itself from the clutches of the Ludy servers after 9+ hours.

Why game stops on 17% when i go to find some dinos in the same place?

Ukraine,Lte/3g,life operator

@Ned this issue is becoming more and more persistent now. I have raised support ticket this also but haven’t got any satisfactory solution. I signed out of Game Center and I am able to launch the game as guest but as soon as I go try to go back to my account the game goes back to the 17/27 screen.

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