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Game loading issues - Connecting and staying connected

I’m having major issues since yesterday. Match screen freezing looking for a match. A message popping up saying not connected to chat server. Nothing is loading for players names.

Never seen it like this . I’ve only been back over a week and seeing this is not impressive.

Even if the game loads of which is doesn’t 50% of the time. Then these issues happen above.

I’ve done any and every troubleshooting from my end and I know it’s nothing to do with my device, Internet connection , I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled.
List goes on.

Anyone can tell me this is not just me and perhaps we can find a solution ViA support on forums as I don’t think I can manage in game.

I can’t do battles without the loading screen not going away have to reset. Connected to 1 match .

Dino Out!

I’m sorry to hear that, dinolord. If your device has both WiFi and Mobile Data network, it might help if you disable one or the other to prevent the internet signal from jumping around.

Yes I shut my Data of to prevent swap back in fourth causing a delay in connection.

Was apart of my list to do before coming here :wink:
I’m a Network admin so I usually don’t miss anything
Since I work down a list on spreed sheet for troubleshooting

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Also I just logged in again I got 1 match worked fine. Tried again stuck on pairing screen.

I might mention the darting aspect works perfect no issues

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@Ludia_Developers please look into my account . Can I send some screen time in to show what I’m going through maybe this will give an idea? I cannot get into support in game it freezes. Only thing working 100% is darting on map

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