Game loading stop at 16/24 Collecting Extraction Darts

I have this problem. Tried login so many times…

  1. Rebooting my device dont help.
  2. Any other applications in the background are turned off.
  3. Tried to turing off and on WiFi.
  4. Operating system on my phone is the latest one.
  5. I WONT uninstal and reinstal the App. I am not a guest but i lost all my progres in september becouse of no my foult and didnt get any retribution so Ludia help me plz without reinstal (and sorry for my “inglis”)
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I can’t log in either. My game froze then won’t let me back in. Tried everything above and still nothing

Same problem

The same…
Plz help to resolve it !

Try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then relaunch the game. If still can’t, change back into you time zone and relaunch the game

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Hey everyone, sorry to hear that you’re getting stuck in the loading screen. I’m not entirely sure what might be causing this issue, especially if you’ve been trying so many troubleshooting steps, but our support team would be glad to investigate this issue in order to try and get you back to collecting DNA. Reach out to them at, and if you can include your support key and any relevant screenshots you might have we would really appreciate it. Thanks!