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[Game Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | July 8, 2020

Hello DPG members!

A short maintenance break is occurring at the moment. During this time the game will be unavailable to play. This maintenance will only last for about 30 minutes long.

Please note that this is not a game update maintenance, but just a database fix to regulate some issues.

Thank you for your cooperation, and as always your patience!


Thanks for making the maintenance right as I was going to win a battle >:(

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I just tried to find another opponent, when started.

This announcement would be great to have in game so we can prepare for it. I had just started a Giga scent. I hope I don’t miss any snakes.



Issues detected: 2009
Issues solved: 1

Detail: added more emotes


Your just taunting us at this point

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Rubberbanding will now just snap.


That’s it. They noticed a glitch where Titanoboa was spawning so they fixed it like they did with Miragaia.

Weird, before the maintenance I had 4 ready to be collected dna requests, now I only have 2…had been holding them for a while, wonder if they just expired or if I actually received the dna?

That happens sometimes. They show back up like a few days later

Why is it that every other game tells us what they are planning to do when there is a maintenance job?

We are left guessing which bugs may be fixed, and as per usual what new ones may be added!

For the first time in months I am going to have to get the car out to find a boost strike now. So thanks for the maintenance guys!


I believe they do maintenance just to try and show they do stuff for this game

Or are they just doing it to look like they do stuff for this game?