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Game, make your mind up, did i do a fight, or did i not

I did a Cenozoic battle as part of my daily missions to use 3 different classes in a fight, and got kicked out in the final minutes. Not only did it rob me a victory, but it didn’t count towards the mission, even though my guys are in cooldown. This makes no sence. If they’re in cooldown, then i used them, and it should count in the mission. If it didn’t count, then i didn’t use my guys in battle, so they should not be in cooldown. Dear game, make your mind up. This is annoying.
Btw, please fix the server timeout bug. Some people even reported it in tournament battles.


I had this time out issue in the last tournament on a regular basis but no one in the actual so far. Fingers crossed.
Three hours and 2 timeouts later. I knew that I shouldn’t have mentioned it.


I don’t know if it has something to do with part of it, but I don’t think Cenozoic beasts count for the daily - only herbivores, carnivores, amphibians, and pterosaurs.

The mission says “3 different classes of Cenozoic creatures”


@Kiarash_Bahar: this happens to me frequently, too. Frustrating: you lose the creatures but get nothing for it.

As my phone gets older and older, and the game gets more advanced, it’s crashing more and more. Accidentally tapping on a decoration now makes my game crash. I fear its days are numbered. I can’t complain. It’s been fun. Some parts are pretty stupid and asinine, but that’s true of all freemium games, and this freemium game is better than most.


Cenozoic or mixed PVP counts for the daily missions

Ah, I haven’t gotten that one yet. My bad, carry on.

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Us old, experienced fossils can all too easily forget what it was like back below the infinite-length level 75. I forget it, at least. I guess it’s a bit like Alan Grant trying to give advice to Owen Grady: very different perspectives!

Another generational example: when I say Charlie, do you think of Ellie’s kid in Jurassic Park 3 or the raptor in Jurassic World?

I do feel very sorry for lower-level players in this MODs tournament. I had 99,999,999 coins at start. I currently have 328,000 and use them to buy MODs as soon as I get enough. I don’t know how anyone without near-infinite coin production could have even a chance in this Titanboa tournament.


I am so old I think of Charlie Brown, after all it is not Charlie Chaplin.


i think of this when charlie is mentioned

Image result for charlie says advert image

see how many remember these adverts :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kiarash_Bahar if it makes you feel better my opponent dc’d i tapped the image to go back to my park and the game closed itself so i never got to roll for any prize

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Sorry, I pass.

@HanSoloWannaBe - quite simply, we don’t have a chance. I’m carefully just using enough coin on mostly common mods and just staying in to bottom half of Predator, there’s simply no way if you haven’t been playing enough to max out your coin production or close to it that you could do this tournament, not when Ludia has been having us use mods so much every day working up to it as well. I have pretty good daily coin production at this point, but nowhere enough to buy the necessary mods to do lots of rounds given some losses just due to luck of the draw and game bugs. But then, while I haven’t heard what kind of AFS people are seeing at the top of Predator/bottom of Dominator, it’s likely that those are still going to be a bit beyond where my top lineups are at anyway.

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I had several with multiple toxins. I’ll say this. I only lost twice directly because of the mods. One of those was due to trying to outsmart a sacrifice, so I played it differently than I normally would have. Can’t remember the other one off hand. I used mostly common mods, although after I got into Dominator, I did start leading off with Nullify. There were have been a few piercing bites and berserks thrown in once I got low on distraction. I used creatures that I would normally use in Dominator to try to steal an extra victory to work my way through Predator.

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Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you were having these connection issues in battle. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, so our team could try and make this right for you? Thanks!


Hello @Ned, there are a lot of us, maybe everyone, affected by this issue.
Do you really want that everyone opens a individual ticket?


Hey Tommi, it’d help our team gather information. :slight_smile: