Game map doesn’t load properly just the usual bugs from Ludia


Posted a screen print of your usual bugs or whatever you want to call it? Go to check on game like I do once in a while and been like this for the whole day almost.

I’ll probably get banned Again for posting this! Why do people even use a forum of which Ludia controls ?? That’s why I’m never on here anymore !

Goto Facebook or other useful places like discord???

Anyways only here to complain how the maps not loading bye bye :wave:

My posts keep getting edited and they are old posts! How come? I’m getting messages showing the edits


How do we even email ludia I never got all my DNA


I’m pretty sure you do it through here on the forum just watch out you don’t post for everyone to see I made that mistake thought it was a direct complaint lol :joy:

Tho this post is old maybe methods of contact for Ludia has changed?




Btw they don’t do anything about lost DNA just so you know that’s what I was told by a Ludia employee when I complained by email.