Game Mechanics Allowing 4-0

I realized that swapping mechanics allows one knock out 4 dinos.

the 3rd tries to swap out and gets hit by a swap prevention attack, then the game doesn’t stop there, but allows all things happen. so the 4th enters and gets hit by some attack too and is knocked out.

i always said a swap move should only happen if necessary. the bizarre behavior was when dracoceratops used to enter and hit the air, but nowadays this thing evolved and we have a 4-0 lol.


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As Titanoboa veteran, i really love when it can kill all of your opponent’s creature .


It’s common courtesy to allow for such thing to happen when you know you have lost the game. At least it helps your opponent to do their DBI quickly.

Phorurex says hi to the swapper & swap-in. :joy:

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Yeah I always knew it was possible to kill 4 creatures but I wondered if the game would break if you did that because your not supposed to

Turns out nothing out of the ordinary happens