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Game minimizes/crashes


I have recently be experiencing a bug. Once I click one of the special offers at the moment the game minimizes. When I reopen it it restarts. I dont have an issue with purchasing game cash but if I try to get the offer it doesnt work. Has anyone had anything similar?


Hey Venelin_Bastrev, I’m sorry to hear that your game is crashing when you try to purchase these Special Offers. If your game is connected to a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account, could you please go ahead and try clearing the cache on your device? Doing this could clear up some memory and help your game run smoother. However, if you’re on a guest account, please avoid doing this as it could lead to data loss.

A player from this thread also had a similar issue, and the information I provided there could be helpful to you. You can find the thread here: One time level up offer glitched

There are also some troubleshooting steps listed for connection issues here that could help if you try them: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

If you’re still having an issue with this, our support team would be glad to help. You can email our staff here at, including your support key in the email.


Hello Ned, that was not my name so I’m not sure if you sent the right person an email. Though I am still having that problem. I have the galaxy S5, which is compatible with the game. I clear my cashe everyday and have excellent bars of service. When I was doing the reward I was right in the same room as the internet router. My phone still has storage space. As for what I am running, it’s Marshmallow, which is above what is needed to play this game. The other thing I’ve encountered is in battles. When I switch dinosaurs or get taken out, the dinosaur that comes out has no move options. I’ve lost so many times due to having to wait for time to run out because I can’t click an attack or it does not give me the option to click. It’s not my phone with the problems as I’m not the only one with these problems.


Thanks for nothing. This still hasnt been fixed. I have now uninstalled. Keep up the bad work and good luck with your business.


Hey Venelin_Bastrev, I’m sorry to hear that I wasn’t able to help you. If you’re still having an issue, could you contact our support team at with your support key? They’ll be more than happy to try and assist you. If you had already reached out to them, it might take some time for them to get back to you as they are receiving a lot more tickets recently, but our team is working as quickly as possible to get to everyone who needs assistance.