Game need massive improvements!


Played this game for about 3 weeks now and I had played plenty of mobile games to date to see how short lived this game may be if the devs do not improve their game soon;

  1. Pvp - almost every game depends on the pvp factor to substain their players’ interest. Unfortunately this game’s pvp is kinda screwed by the cost to unlock the incubators and the incubators’ unlock time…

  2. 30 ingame currency to unlock a 3hr incubator and virtually every pvp victory will give u 3hr incubator 80% of the time. I’m virtually praying for 15mins incubator every fight so I can keep unlocking and keep pvping… now it is so boring, 4 3hr incubator and it is time to either pay to unlock the incbator or forgo them.

  3. Game too stingy. Most similar games I played give player a chance to purchase some really deals.

Hope to see these issues addressed.


You can PvP without the incubators if you’re interested in just the fun of battle, as you’ve pointed out. So why is there a problem?

If your interest is solely in the incubators, then that’s not the PvP’s fault, that’s just what they cost. It seems reasonable enough to me; wait the 3 hours and go find more dinos (or just do something else completely), or PvP without rewards.


Don’t want to wait 3 hrs for the DNA? Go outside and catch more dinosaurs - that’s the main point of the game in my opinion.