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Game no longer works on wifi, only data


I used to play on my home wifi but this no longer works. There is nothing wrong with my wifi. If I load the game on wifi I get a few different error numbers (10055 etc). I immediately can log on if I turn wifi off. If I turn wifi off and log in, and then once the game is loaded turn the wifi on, it just freezes the game and I have to restart. Help!

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Sometimes my game does the opposite. It gives me reconnect codes 21844 and 10044 when I disconnect (I’m pretty sure it’s that), I need to restart the entire game when that happens. The game doesn’t work well on my wifi though, it always disconnects.


Hey ajoyfulgirl, try adjusting your WiFi’s security setting because if it is set on a high setting, it could be blocking the game from accessing the connection. If you’re still having issues, email our staff here at with your support key and a screenshot of the error code so they can take a closer look.


the same thing happened with me also. thanks for your replies that helped me to solve the issue. thank you so much.
best regards!!

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