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Game not loading... Again

So recently my game stopped loading without wifi. My download booster isnt on, I’ve restarted my phone several times, when into my setting and forgot my wifi and reconnect to it, I also have 4g not 3g without wifi if that matters. I asked for help from with a ticket in-game but that was the biggest was of my life. It had out of the blue started working again, thank the heavens. But this morning it of course stopped working again. It won’t get passed the U in Ludia. It just stays there thinking about it but never does. I’m getting so sick of this.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having loading issues, @DreamWorks-player. However, could you edit out your screenshot from your post? As it shows your support key.

If you already have an open message with our team, could you please continue your conversation with them? Our team will be sure to try their best to assist you further with this.

They closed the message I had open with them when I said it started working. They wasn’t helpful in the slightest bit.

I’m sorry about that. :sweat:

Sadly, I’m not really sure why it wouldn’t be loading. However, if I understand correctly, the game doesn’t load on WiFi or is it just loading when you are connected to your WiFi?

The game usually works when I’m connected to wifi and off wifi. But for some reason it won’t work when I’m connected to wifi. Only when I’m on my 4g.

That’s really strange. Is it possible that the other network might be blocking incoming connections to the game?

It’s never done it before. It’s the same wifi network I downloaded the game on originally. It just recently started doing this. It somehow fixed itself yesterday and it missed up this morning.

Hopefully, our team will be able to assist you further with this and help you get back into the game ASAP.