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Game NOT loading!

(my phone is Xiaomi Mi A1) Hi. After the update my game won’t load, I tried to restart my phone and reinstall it but no luck. Please Help!!! I tried to contact the support but no response. Please help!

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Hey MK55, if your game was linked to either Facebook or Google Play, could you try tapping on either of those options from the loading screen and see if you’re able to load into the game? If you’re still having issues, there’s some troubleshooting here that could help as well:
Let me know if that works.

Yup, didn’t work

That’s really strange, one last thing I can think of is to try switching the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then relaunch the game. If you’re still having issues after trying that, could you contact our team here at If you have your support key, it’ll be helpful if you included it in the email as well. Thanks!

I had that problem when I first updated to 1.5 and actually uninstalled and reloaded the game, rebooted my phone and had the same problem. Once I went out side at lunch at work, it finally loaded. It couldn’t have been signal because I was able to do other things online despite the game not loading. Unfortunately I don’t know what finally made it load. I’m a mile and a half from a sprint tower at work so unless I’m deep into the metal manufacturing side of the building, I get good data signal.

I tried that, didn’t work. I contacted the support and waiting for their response, thank you for trying to help me.

Before the update, sometimes (maybe twice a month) it gets stuck on the loading screen, but when I leave and get back to it after a couple of hours it starts working again, but after the update it never loads.

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I have the same problem and it is very frustrating. I have almost 8 hours trying to connect and the inicial screen stucks at 7/24, then give error 118. I restart my phone, also my data and have no solución. Cannot send a ticket to the support because have no acces to the game. This is the imagen of my stucked screen.image|281x500

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That’s exactly what’s happening with me

Finally, i had to reinstall the app to solve the connection issue. Almost 20 hours without connection.

My game loads in beginning but my friends list keeps spinning and I can’t receive or send request for challenges .

see pic

I’ve taken game off reloaded. It show I have friends but not listed in friends …just me umm any advice… I’ve notified ludia…

I tried to reinstall it but no luck

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it is very frustrating. Try again until it connect. I thanks this is the only way. Good luck.

Eduardo Martinez Ocampo

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I have been stuck for over a week unable to load the game. Support got back to me but has not done anything to fix it yet.

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Why is this difficult to fix? I can’t even practice… :tired_face:

I’m getting 21844 errors when the game loads, and the map appears. Then the purple circle 'o doom spins around until the error message appears. The map doesn’t even have the chance to load all the way before dropping the connection. All my other apps connect just fine. This is on Ludia’s end, but they keep shoving the blame on us. It’s not our connection that’s the problem, it’s that the devs can’t prioritize.

A bug like this is a game-breaker. It needed to be fixed before any of the others.