Game not loading


Just downloaded update for iPhone. Now the game will not get past dna loading. Anyone else having this prob?


i have this issue too


Have you tried closing (entirely stopping it and re-opening the game) the game? Sometimes when my game is stuck this works.

Also; certain updates do load longer so you might want to wait a bit if you tried closing it for some time.


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Yeah, have closed and restarted several times. Waited 5 minutes before closing


Deleting game and reinstalling worked


I tried this and it didnt work


Reinstalling does not help in my case, cause I have an error, when the game is downloading in-game update when start for the first time.


I have just started havibg the same problem on iPad. Wont get past installation screen, stops at loading darts.
Have deleted and reinstalled but no good.


I’ve installed and reinstalled but the map is not loading. Why is that?


Facing this problem as well today. It was working fine yesterday. Uninstalled the game and reinstall also facing the same issue. Stucked at “Processing DNA”.


I get as far as launching drone and then it hangs.