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[Game of prediction] The Big Bet

Well,here is a concept of a game

1/ You will guess what will be the next NEW creatures on 1.12!
(emphasized textYou will earn 1 point for each correct creature at the release of the 1.12,max 5 creatures)

2/ You will have to find 7 next hybrids release on 1.12 ,of course you have to give their ingredient
(emphasized text 0,25 point if a creature is involve in a hybrid in 1.12, 0.5point for each correct duo,you can give their name but you won’t earn point on it)

3/ **You will have to find 4 news moves which will be release **
(One point for each correct move)

4/ You will have to find creature which will be balance in 1.12 (you will have 10 choice max)

5/Bonus find something ludia will bring next update

Example :thinking:

-Argentavis (cenozoic flying bird) /RARE
-Titanoboa (Cenozoic huge snake) / EPIC
-Daeodon (cenozoic Pig,same family as entelodon) / COMMON
-Titanosaurus ( Cretaceous Huge sauropods) / RARE
-Ceratosaurus (Jurrassic theropods) / COMMON

Carbotoceratops + Baryonyx = elbototitus (Unique)
Dsungaia + megaloceros = **Megalaia (**Unique)
Phorusaura + scolosaurus = Scorumorbus (unique)
Majundasuchus + entelodonte = majodonte (Epic)
Brontolasmus + titanosaurus = titanolasmus (Legendary)
Ankylocodon + titanoboa = Titanodon (Legendary)
Argentavis + Erlikogamma = ululalpha (Legendary)

3/ creepy strike/ impact = deal 1X/1,5X damage,force opponent to swap in the next creature (It don’t work if the creature is immune or have swap in prevention immunity)
Blinding shot = Deal 1X damage,opponent cannot use one skill of your choice for 2 turns(can stack 2 time,you can’t choose the basic attack)work aswell on immunes creatures
Natural dodger (New passive ability) =The creature have an inner 50% chance to dodge 66% of the damage, he can be strike only by precise and defines ability
Feel its prey (New passive ability) = The creature deal extra damage to any immune creatures
-if opponent have 1 immunity : he deal 1,2X more damage
-If opponent have 2 immunity : he deal 1,45x more damage
-If opponent is completly immune: he deal 1,9X more damage

Ardentismaxima:Attack nerf/defense shattering rampage become precise armor piercing rampage
Cautious strike: No longer cleanse,No longer give +10% speed
Proceratomimus : damage nerf ,Hp nerf
miragaia : damage nerf
geminitan: HP buff ,loose immunity,earn immune to bleed,immune to vulnerability,immune to slow
Trykosaurus : Slight damage nerf,crit nerf
nodopatotitan : 0,25X counter attack become 0,5 armor piercing counter attack,earn 45% armor, HP buff,slight damage buff
Stigidaryx : Earn swap in heal (25%) AND invincibility,earn +10% armor,a slight hp buff ,superiority strike become precise superiority strike
Grypolyth : crit :15%,earn “feel its prey” as passive ability.
Majundasuchus : HP buff,Damage buff,speed buff,crit buff,IDK,it need a buff

5/Alliance LEADER TOOLS!!!

Your turn


1.12 will be a minor update. Case closed…


Compsognathus (Common) (Its Own Model)
Styracosaurus (Epic) (Ceratopsian)
Gigantosaurus (Rare) (Tyrannosaurid)
Sinornithosaurus (Rare) (Raptor)

Procerathomimus + Kelenken (Legendary) Procerathoken
Pyroraptor + Alloraptor (Unique) Pyrallaptor
Styracosaurus + Dsungaia (Unique) Styracogaia
Gigantosaurus + Megaloceros (Epic) Gigaloceros
Compsognathus + Ornithomimus (Epic) Compymimus
Compymimus + Pteranodon (Legendary) Pteracompius
Entelodon + Brontolasmus (Legendary) Brontolodon

New Moves:

Nullifying Distraction (Nullifies Positive Effects, Distraction For One Turn, Deal 1x Damage)
Intimidation (Priority, Attack Increased By 50% For 3 Turns, Opponents Attack Reduced By 50% For 2 Turns, Cooldown: 3)

Old/Fortotten Moves Return: Maiming Wound, Minimal Stunning Strike


Cautious Strike No Longer Cleanses Or Speeds Up

Dracoceratops: Regeneration Changed To Greater Stunning Impact
Ardentismaxima: Gains Bellow
Procerathomimus: Distracting Rampage Changed To Distracting Impact, Health Reduced To 3200, Attack Reduced To 1400
Indoraptor: Attack Increased To 1500
Monomimus: Attack Increased To 1300
Stygidaryx: Reworked Into A Bulky Bleeder. Health Increased To 4800, Gains 20% Armour, Cleansing Swoop Changed To Cleansing Impact, Swap In Invincibility Changed To Swap In Wound.
Monolorhino: We Heard Your Feedback And Rebalanced This Creature. Health Increased To 4600, Attack Increased To 1200, Speed Increased To 126, Definite Impact Changed To Definite Rampage.
Thoradolosaur: Instant Charge Changed To Greater Stunning Impact
Thylacotator: Lethal Wound Changed To Maiming Wound

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New creatures: gigantoraptor(epic)

Hybrids: procerathomimus+phorusaura (unique)

New moves: stunning swoop(100%stun,dot0.2 for 2 turns, automatically swap out)
Feathered terror(priority, deal 1 damage, 75% chance to stun,opponent - 75%damage for 2 turns)
Mimicry(passive ability,dino mimics the oppents positive effects with the exception of cloak)
Charging headbutt:(1damage, 40%to stun, +10%speed for 2 turns)

Procerathomimus Hp and damage nerf
Cautious strike doesn’t speed up
Maxima damage nerf and DSR becomes definite rampage again
Monomimus hp, damage and spd buff i hope
Monolorhino hp and spd buff and definite impact becomes definite rampage

My Version 1.12 (by Stygi29)

New Creatures

Compsognathus (commom)

1500 HP
500 damage
Speed 131
Armor 0%
Critical 15%

Cautious Strike (x1)
Adrenaline Pulse (+25%)

(Swap in Dodge)

Diplotator Gen 2 (EPIC) (IRRITATOR + DIPLO G2)

4350 HP
1175 Damage
128 Speed
0% Armor
15% Critical

Distraction (x1)
Ready to Crush (+50%)
Distracting Impact (x1.5)
Defense Shattering Rampage (x2)

(Immune to Distraction)
(Swap in Nullification)

Enteleken (Legendary) (Entelodon + Kelenken)

3500 HP
1250 Damage
126 Speed
Armor 15%
Critical 15%

Defense Shattering Strike (x1)
Mutual Fury (+50%)
Evasive Impact (x1.5)
Raking Claws (x2)

(Swap in Heal)
(Immune to Deceleration)

Creature Changes


•Damage decreased to 1500

•“Distracting Rampage” becomes “Distracting Impact”

Indoraptor Gen2 {Cautious Strike}

•Loses “Cleanse Self” and “Bypassing Evasive Moves”

•Gains “Definitive Rampage”


•Gains “Definitive Rampage”

•“Instant Invincibility” becomes “Bellow”


•HP increased to 3350


•“Superiority Strike” becomes “Superior Vulnerability”


•Increased HP to 4000
•Increased Damage to 1250


•“Immunity” becomes “Minimal Immunity”

•Increased Speed to 114

•Increased Critical to 50%

Dimetrodon Gen 2

•“Immunity” becomes “Minimal Immunity”

•Increased Speed to 115

•Increased Critical to 25%


•“Immunity” becomes “Medium Immunity”

•Speed increased to 116

•Increased damage to 1350


•“Immunity” becomes “Greater Immunity”

•Speed increased to 117

Diplotator and Scaphotator

•Gains “Immune to Distraction”

All Ankylosauria/Nodosauridae

•Gains “Immune to Vulnerability”

New Abilities

•Minimal Immunity

(Reduces all negative effects by 25%)

•Medium Immunity

(Reduces all negative effects by 50%)

•Greater Immunity

(Reduces all negative effects by 75%)

•Evasive Impact

(Deal x1.5 Damage.Gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage for 1 turn)


(Cleanse Self.Heal 50% HP)

•Immune to Vulnerability

(The Creature cannot receive Vulnerability)

Skill Changes

•“Regeneration” becomes "Instant Regeneration"

(Priority.Heal 50% HP) {Loses “Cleanse Self”}

•Max Chance Critical

•40% => 50%

I want a dodo… give me a dodo.


Megatherium (giant ground sloth) (own animation) rare

Hysilophodon (the small fast herbivore) (own animation) common

Tropegnathus (fish eating pterosaur) (pteranodon animation) common

Supersaurus (giant sauropod) (apatosaurus animation) epic

Ultrasaurus (giant sauropod) (brachiosaurus animation) common

Ultrasaurus + hysilophodon = ultrasilophodon (rare)

Entelotodon + megatherium = megatelodon (epic)

Phorusaura + euoplocephalus = euoaiarhacos (unique)

Carbotoceratops + deinocheirus = carbotoceracheirus (unique)

Sarcosuchus + tropegnathus = tropcosuchus (rare)

Supersaurus + kelenken = superlenken (legendary)

Baryonyx gen 1 + procerathomimus = procerathonyx (legendary)

Instant raking claws (deals 2x damage, removes target’s evasion/cloak, cooldown 2, delay 1)

Deliberate pulse (regens 25% of max HP, cleanse self, cooldown 3) (so basically adrenaline pulse but without priority)

Ferocious rampage (deal said 3x damage for this turn and increases damage by 50% for the next two turns cooldown 3, delay 1)

Cleansing rampage (deals 2x damage, cleanse self, cooldown 3, delay 1)

Ardentismaxima - HP reduces to 5500, attack reduced to 1250, gains back definite rampage

Cautious strike - no longer cleanses, gets speedup, or hits precisely, distraction of cautious strike now reduce opponent’s damage by 25%

Procerathomimus - HP reduces to 3000, damage reduces to 1500, speed reduces to 129

Dracoceratops - swap in savagery becomes swap in wound, regeneration becomes adrenaline pulse

Monomimus - we heard your feedback and decided to rebalance this creature.
Attributes become: 3200 HP, 1300 dmg, speed is 130, armor 0%, critical 5%
Abilities become: evasive strike, distracting impact, nullifying rampage, strike and run, swap in dodge becomes swap in distraction

Phorusaura - damage heavily reduced to 1200, instant rampage becomes instant raking claws, gains immune to stuns

Mammotherium - attack slightly decresed to 1400

Utasinoraptor - attack reduced to 1420, critical impact becomes dig in, instant charge becomes dig in

Attributes become: 1800 HP, 1200 dmg, 5 critical, 0 armor, 132 speed
Strike becomes distraction, pounce becomes precise pounce, gains immune to deceleration and stuns

Monolorhino- attack increased to 1200

fixes all bugs and errors in the game and buffed sanctuaries

I want adrenelin surge back…
also i want a kind of “dino” patch with lesser cenozoïcs.

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I predict a unique made of proceratomimus + phorusaura PROCERASAURA, and watch the world burn

bug fixes that don’t fix anything, nerfs and buffs to get more income, maybe the alliance leaderboards, crit and armor boost, since the current ones aren’t beeing enough to keep them rich.
it most likely will be a small update with no new content

please no
If i see another cautious strike buff,i swear to god,i will scream

Cautious strike now nullifies, destroys shields, slows, increases attack, cloaks the user, does lethal wound, puts up invincibility, and does damage of rending takedown

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and force opponent to destroy his phone and is injured by rubbing against the screen glass

all I want for christmas is dodo

it seem we don’t have a lot of dino e want in common