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Game optimization

While we are all worried with PvP state, creature balancing, swap meta being OP while our boosts are stuck in previous meta creatures, aquatics not coming, etc. I think we are neglecting a most relevant demand. Game optimization.

What do I mean with game optimization if not all the topics mentioned above? Well, I’m talking about something simpler than all that. I’m talking about the game engine not running smooth in state of the art devices (phones or tablets with a powerful processor, loads of memory, etc, that are not capable to run the game efficiently for medium to long periods - i.e. for longer than 10 minutes).

How does this bother me? It does in a bad way, indeed. It doesn’t allow me to play the game because my device overheats, game lags, misbehave, slows down… and this is of critical importance when you’re playing PvP. That move you intended to click fast, really fast but your overheat screen didn’t process, so you have to tap on again a couple more times before game responds. Or that terrific lag after 2 matches during weekend tournaments, that makes me stop and wait 20 minutes before I can play another match. Following my good RNG streaks, not being able to keep up with people playing more often, etc.

This is a mobile game, are we supposed to play it on PC emulators so we may actually enjoy it? I know a lot of people do…but then it would be a PC game, not a mobile game. Game should be optimised to run smooth on mobile phones and tablets, not on computers after installing an emulator.

Ludia, please fix your game! Thx!


I’ll just answer this with my latest screen capture:

Thank you for bringing this up. Worst case, I’ll use something else than my phone to cook my eggs from now on!!


That makes the issue cristal clear, lol

On 4 GB RAM Android phone game loads very slowly. Raids looks like watching slow motion. Launching drone takes eternity and phone overheats way faster than before. On same phone PoGo run smoothly for hours.