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Game play freezes

My game play froze on a pvp match at the end. I have tried to restart the game with no luck. I then restarted my device no luck. I then did a hard restart no luck. I even tried logging in on another devices and no luck. I am still frozen at the end of the match. Any help or advice will be appreciated!!!

It’s a problem on the server-side, it will clear out given enough time. Wait like 30 minutes and then try again. It’ll generally be resolved after a few hours at the latest. I’ve had it happen to me a few times, and know of others it happens to as well.

Thank you.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Too impatient to wait for it to work itself out.

Unfortunately most of the time that doesn’t work either because it’s on the server-side. If that does work, it’s more likely that by the time you had uninstalled and reinstalled - the glitch had fixed itself. But either way I agree that it’s very frustrating.

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Its possible the server issues which were prevalent this past weekend might have been related to preparations for the forthcoming update. It is possible connectivity will return to ‘normal’ tomorrow after the update launch.

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I like this new possible Orloch “optimism”! lol