Game play ideas

I have two ideas I think would improve the game

  1. DNA Market
    Have an area where players can trade/cash in unwanted excess DNA for more desirable DNA. Rarity rules would apply and should be based on geographical area. For instance if I have an overabundance of Triceratops in my area and I’m current sitting on over 100k DNA, but there is a lack of Raptor sightings I can trade in one for another at a designated rate. This would not be a player auction house, but rather an Ingen controlled area for players.

  2. DNA Fusion Skill
    Fusion should be skill based, and should be relative to player skill per dinosaur, rarity rules apply. Meaning you start low, get lots if 10s, however the more you work with given DNA fusions, the higher your skill and the greater your percentage for higher fusion numbers, for that particular dinosaur

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