Game Play Tips


Feel free to post any that you know!

Did you know if you hold your finger on the screen when you are darting the battery doesn’t start counting down till you release the first time and the direct hit spot actually gets bigger! Remember it is only for the first shot but you will always be guaranteed a direct hit on the first!


Bank coinage. Seriously. Past level 14, v-raptor costs 10000 to evolve further. The same applies to other species - their cost rises exponentially. You can’t evolve them all, so only concentrate on the ones already in your squad. Those take priority over ones in your collection.

Second, bank your green. Not for buying incubs, but for blazing through arena incubs to farm DNA.

That’s it for now.


I was testing this and I just found out that, when the drone loading screen is over, the battery doesn’t start to get low unless you put your finger on the screen :blush:
This is very important if it works, it means people that drive can launch the drone as near as possible to the dino they want to hunt and then move to a parking place to shoot darts