Game progress competely halted

Before the update it used to be where I could get through a chest and a half to two a day. I was competing in all the quests. I had dragons breeding. I had eggs hatching.

I wasn’t overflowing with fish, nor gold. I was about 30 to 40% on both, which would deplete depending on when I added eggs to the hatchery or leveled up dragons. I wasn’t able to complete all the quests available right away, I had to give priority depending on the time remaining, but I was able to make it, and utilize the chest duties properly to help with that.

I have opened one chest since this update, which was already near completion. Astrid is frozen for me, Fishlegs is murdering me with the resource draining duties I simply can no longer do, Alpha battles are broken so that I can not get those to help me, and with the increase in duties overall, Hiccup and Valka are dragging their feet in being able to give me any additional energy.

I have been brought to the point of being brought to 0 energy, waiting for 5-7 energy (8 minutes each that’s nearing an hour, give or take), fighting a single battle, shutting the game off until enough time passes I can fight a single battle again. Nothing in breeding. No eggs left to be hatched. No dragons available as fodder. I used to bring the game up constantly. There was a decent flow to it, even if a bit grindy. At least I was growing. I can’t even participate in the clans right now.

This is beyond the pale. All from a single update.

If the game isn’t fixed soon, if we do not hear from anyone, I’m not being given a choice here. I’ve already cancelled my subscription, but I’m a week away from uninstalling entirely. And a week is being extremely generous.


Each update that is supposed to add new features get increasingly worst.

I posted a thread in the “Bugs Report” forum calling Ludia out on their poorly tested game and got my report moderated for “religious, political, or otherwise controversial topics”…TWICE!


Censoring criticism purely because it points out your own flaws is a dangerous path. And it’s not one that will end well for this team.

Everyone on this forum has spoken out against this update and the choices made here. If they merely try to weather the storm and hide the evidence, the community that has stuck with them this long are going to leave, and they’re taking their wallets with them. Plain and simple.

They can’t just keep their heads low with this. This was a multi faceted, complete and utter failure, and they need to put on their big boy pants, admit to mistakes being made, and attempt to make reparations.

That is how respect is earned.


I completely agree with you Mysterious.

I am a subscriber. I have spent hundreds of RL money on this game. I have supported this game from the start. I have defended this game. I don’t mind spending money on a game that I enjoy. Everyone needs to make a living.

Yet the moment that I criticize it for game breaking bugs I am sensored. Bugs that not only affect my individual gaming experience but that of my entire clan…all 25 members. Those who are fed up have already quit or don’t bother voicing their concerns because they know how their voice will be received.

Some of my clan members have quit…others have unsubscribed. I still care enough to come here and point out the game breaking concerns and my reports are deleted…

Treat your paying customers like dirt and soon all you see is dirt on your front door.


Same here. I use to be able to do two chests a day. I have literally opened one chest since the update. Absolutely ridiculous.

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Honestly, just speak your mind about how bad this company is outside these forums so other people who don’t have access to this can see it since for whatever reason they’re trying to censor us. Makes no sense to have an echo chamber here when we can make a difference outside.
I am in the process of writing a nice review about this company at the moment on the Google playstore.

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I’m tired of telling the trouble and the game does not feel me !!! they still have no explanation and correction. They don’t care. we were formally mocked. They made video advertising and publicity through social platforms. pretending to pretend that everything is OK !!!

I happened to have a review up for the game on the Google Playstore since I’ve been playing since pre-registering and had written one shortly after. I edited it down to one star yesterday and mentioned my reasons as to why.

I do hope it is noticed, but I did also notice that on the 26th of this month there were also freshly written reviews giving 5 stars and praising how wonderful it is to play this game. Can’t help but feel they’re shills, trying to balance out the recently posted reviews mentioning the bugs. I don’t like to be overly suspicious, but it isn’t as if that’s a terribly uncommon practice.

Don’t take my word on that as fact, however. I could be feeling this way purely out of being slighted by recent transgressions.

Since they were posting a video that basically says „I‘m doing nothing this weekend“ on Saturday on their Facebook page I would‘t say the thought isn‘t far away that they‘re trying to compensate negative reviews because of all their bugs …

I honestly don’t doubt that it’s literally shills because it doesn’t make sense for someone to write a 5* review on a game that literally everyone is experiences bugs on. If I just started out a game that was full of bugs I would uninstall it instantly.

Does anyone still understand why they’re still insensitive to mold? this is disrespectful! :rage:

There’s a few possibilities that I’m aware of. None of them are necessarily true, as every situation is different, but this is my take on it.

  1. Upper management told them to keep their heads low, and to weather the storm. ‘The bugs will be fixed, we’re doing what we can, there’s no use in repeating ourselves.’
    The PR/Support people on here can’t go into specifics for multiple reasons, and they’re really only allowed to pass along what is given the go ahead from their department head. So if they’re on here repeating the same canned response, they’re going to get angry reactions and basically be martyring themselves.

  2. They don’t actually have any news. I’m fairly positive everyone is stressing over there right now, and it’s probably a cycle of ‘Please give us something’, ‘I’ll give you something when I have something’, ‘Is anything being done about this?’ ‘We can’t do anything about that until we do something about this’ etc etc

  3. The weekend?

To the first point, that’s just a bad idea. I get where they’re coming from, and I know why they’re doing it, but it’s not smart. I don’t blame those that can only say what they’re allowed to say, because what can they do? But it’s just not good PR. People don’t need to know exact specifics. You don’t need a day to day schedule of what’s being worked on to cool a boiling crowd. You just need to let them know that they’re being heard, their frustrations are understood, mistakes are accepted, and figure out from there what you can do to make things right. You don’t have to bend over backwards and break the economy by giving out a million free things, either. But there needs to be a sign of empathy, and amends need to be made.

The second point is just frustrating because it’s an unfair burden on everyone working on the game and something that could have been avoided so easily. And it’s a rookie mistake that I still don’t quite understand. These guidelines have been set in place, and figured out a long time ago by plenty of others. The road has been paved, they just have to follow it. And you don’t have to be in the business to make the connections that these are things you just don’t do.

When you have a house and as you’re adding a second floor you realize everything’s getting a bit wobbly beneath you, you don’t just…keep building. There are people gathering in the streets quickly warning you about your cracking foundation, your bowing walls, your bursting pipes, and you call back ‘Yeah it’s pretty great! We’re going for a third floor now!’

I’m not an expert in these things. It could be a mix of what I think, it could be none of it and I’m way off the mark, talking out of the side of my neck. These are all just my opinions based on some things I know, and the industry changes all the time. On top of, as I’ve stated before, every situation being different.

I try to keep an open mind, and understand that a lot of those working here have their hands tied. There’s only so much they can do. But I also know that they’re not completely helpless, and there are a lot of poor choices being made here, in every aisle.


All I feel is: They are still insensitive and unconcerned by introducing the game every day. because we can’t play because it was tortured … but we don’t keep them waiting while we pay. if it’s a game on money, we have to explain to us.

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