Game Progress Reset


Sunday the game crashed when I tried to open it. After I closed it and opened it again it started as though it was the first time with a brand new game. Before that I was up to level 6 and starting to make really good progress in the arena and with my dino collection. I submitted a ticket, but can’t remember if I started the game as a guest or if I logged in through Google play. So I wanted to know, how likely am I to be able to get my progress back? And if I proceed to create a new name and start something logged into Google, will that erase the previous game data?


Hey there, GrrrArrgh, unfortunately since this is an account issue there isn’t much that can be done other than waiting to hear back from support. If you, by chance, remember your support key or your full gamer tag, we might be able to recover your account if it was a Guest account.


Moi aussi je m appelait Memphis, niveau 5 et puis tous c’est remis comme au début. J’aimerais bien retrouver mon compte s’il vous plait


I do have the support key and gamer tag. I submitted it with the ticket. If the gamer tag is the same as the name I started the game with, then that should be the same as my username here. How long can I expect to wait to hear back on a ticket submitted on Sunday? I don’t even remember for sure if it was a guest account. But I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the recovery if it’s a possibility.


This happened to me yesterday. Same exact thing. I had so many awesome Dino’s that were level 11 now. I don’t wanna restart playing it. :frowning: I messaged them today. Hopefully they can find it for us.


i had a similar problem last thursday. i opened a ticket, wrote here and sent a mail 9 days ago but i never had an answer, except from John (that invited me to contact the customer care) . i’m really really disappointed. I played a lot of game but i never met a customer care like this.