Game progression rant

I have been playing jurassic world the game for a bit now, and I have progressed pretty well and pretty fast, and the problem I’m about to dicuss can be avoided and doesn’t apply to everybody. I want to talk about how the battle event levels sale the levels of your opponents. I’m not completely sure, but I’m going to assume it scales with the total ferocity of your roster. The main problem with this is it discourages collection of species that you want, after all the game is susposed to be a park builder type game. What this means is that collecting dinosaurs that you want will eventually start hindering your progress, making the battles exceedingly difficult, my strongest creature is an indoraptor but I’m facing up against creatures that are way beyond the strongest possible creatures in the game. I feel like the scaling of the game should be based on your top creatures instead of your roster as a whole, this way collecting low level dinosaurs will not hinder your ability to progress in the game. If you disagree I perfectly understand, not everybody plays the game to collect certain dinosaurs, and this change may make the game too easy.

But I do feel something must be done about the overall progression of the game, why do the oppnents have creatures with ferocity way beyond what’s possible, when I onky have decent creatures? This is even made more insulting when the opponents area allowed to have creatures this strong that are amphibians and pterosaurs, when the game doesn’t give you creatures with these elements that are even close to being that good. This problem is slightly lightened by the addition of bagehesaurus and eventually kaprodactylus. The problem with this is that event exclusive creatures have to be obtained through tournaments,and it may be an entire year until the creature you need appears and is able to be unlocked.

I honestly just want some thing to be done to the match-ups you have based on your roster, this is especially evident in “fight for funds” and the battle-stage infinite.

The events are based in your top 3. If you level up your top 3, the opponents get better. But this does not mean, they are as strong as your top 3. In the harder events they are a lot stronger than yours. But it still depends on only your top 3.
Events are easier to do, if you have many creatures at almost the same level as your best.


I assume you have read this post regarding ferocity and how it affects your battles.

From what you mention, surely your battles were raised considerably by creating the indoraptor, that gives a considerable jump in your average ferocity of your 3 best creatures.

So, if you don’t have something that’s similar to your Indoraptor’s lvl, at level 1 it’s similar to a lvl 10 or tournament lvl 40 Super Hybrid. You’ll need at least 12 creatures of that rank to handle the more difficult events ( if you want to complete them in a single round), not to mention infinite battles you have these options:

gradually bring your creatures as close as possible to the indoraptor’s lvl (which depending on your creatures could take some time) or sell the indoraptor and start scaling from your 2nd strongest creature.

Some time ago I shared a post about how the difficulty of some events increases as the indoraptor levels up. You might want to check it out.


Some events are based on park level. Some are based on you top 3 or so Dino’s.

This discourages leveling up just a few Dino’s too far.

I personally keep my Dino’s at 1 day cool down so I can use them every day. Some are 1 day 3 hours, some are 16 hours, all around the same ferocity, but cool down is based on health.


Thanks for enlightening me on how ferocity ranks in the game, but I’m still unsure if this is completely true. all top 3 of my top creatures are indoraptors, I have had these indoraptors as my strongest creatures for a couple months now but my battle stage infinite keeps getting harder on average, this might be due to some bias as I haven’t really been keeping track on exact stats, but when I got my third indoraptor the opponents I faced were only a little bit stronger than my indoraptors, not on beyond the strongest creatures in the game.

My strongest amphibian is a level 20 bagehesaurus, my strongest pterosaur is a level 40 pterodactylus, and my strongest herbivore is. a level 20 gigakylocephalus. I have multiples of these creatures, and my twelfth strongest creature is still used in things like the battle stage infinite. The difficulty isn’t to an unmanagable point, I can still beat it every day but my worry is that it will eventually become too difficult

There is theorized to be a difficulty creep in things like battle stage infinite and even F4F. Meaning if you purposefully keep your line up low, over time the game will increase the difficulty of these types of battles until you raise your creatures levels, at which case it seems to reset based on your creatures strength and the cycle repeats. Until of course you hit end game, then you just get faced with ridiculously high creatures from then on.

This is a theory based on observation and has not been tested or verified.


What levels?

Which is at 9558 ferocity

9576 Ferocity

8289 Ferocity

Then a level 1 Indo is at 9,073 Ferocity, which would fall behind both your Bagehesaurus and Pterodactylus. Meanwhile a lvl 10 Indo is 13609 Ferocity, so if you have an Indo at or above lvl 10 then the Indo would be at least 30% stronger than your lvl 40 Pterodactylus. Cant even imagine if you have an Indo stronger than lvl 10…


Easy fix here, your battles are hard because you have an unbalanced team, only 3 indoraptors are not enough for doing all of the events…

At least you need 4 creatures of each type with similar ferocity to win daily events, you have a huge gap here; you could help us with a picture of your top line up.

I have THIRTY dinos close to the ferocity of my top creature, this makes daily playing really easy, if you have only 3 powerful carnivores, 2 weak amphibians and 2-3 herbs you are really going to find a lot of trouble.


în generell, indorapter is the biggest trap for middle game and start of endgame. it will do so much anti progress until your whole lineup catches up to the indoraptor, but keep in mind that if you have indoraptor at lvl 40 its almost impossible to have a balanced lineup.

the minimum reqirement for dominator league is between 4500-6500 ferocity. everything above is up to you, but then keep in mind that you should raise carefully all of your dinos to the next ferocity lvl. and also keep in mind that amphibians cant go as high as other class.