Game Psychology

Since the beginning of this game, there seems to be this underlying belief that having specific strong, overpowering creatures will win you more battles. This whole subconscious mentality is what ends up having everyone chasing the same (boring) creatures, growing them, putting them on their team and playing in PvP.

Reality is every team will find it’s place in the pecking order and then your win-lose ratio goes to 50/50.

Having all the best creatures boosted to high heaven is a goal for the top 10, 50, 100 or 500. For the rest, what ever your doing in growing what you think is the best creatures to win more… is an exercise in futility.

This is why I play such a huge variety of creatures, making up all sorts of different teams. I’m not going to reach the top 500 so my reason for playing is different. I win 50% of my battles, no matter what teams I put together once that team finds its place in the pecking order. Minus the very top few players, I don’t win or lose any more than the rest of everyone. Unlike the very top players, I’m not stuck with a measly 8 or so creatures to play. I’ve pretty much only boosted my Apex raid creatures otherwise, boosting is another futile effort.

This is the trap of this game. We’re human. Losing isn’t fun. Losing drives player, including me to want to get better creatures, boost them up, because wining is a drug that feels good. If you lose a few games, your chance to win again gets greater and when you win again after losing, you feel good again. We play for that win drug. I go through loosing streaks but do then turn around and win a few back, provided I keep the same team. I change teams out all the time so I’m up and down in trophy’s.

For me, it’s not just collecting them all, which is one goal, but playing all the better ones. I have so many at team level, it’s hard to choose which ones to play. It’s nice to run into teams that do have some not so used creatures but most just have the same creatures which is boring for me to play against. I just couldn’t be a top player with a cookie-cutter team. There isn’t much variety up there. There are only like around 15 of the same creatures at the very top. Being the best doesn’t seem appealing if I’m narrowed down to that few creatures.