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Game question

As a fairly new player I was excited when I could finally beat the HarvestShield Mountain challenge. Now that I’ve beaten it fairly consistently for the last week, I’m starting to fail on rooms 7/8. The mob levels seem to be higher. All of my characters are level 12/13 I don’t have a legendary over level 2, I’m using the same party make up, what’s going on?

@DoubleOh7, it is likely what you are experiencing is an increase in challenge rating (CR). This would occur if you recent leveled some heroes. The CR for challenges increases in relation to your hero level.

I do not know the algorithm, but others have identified that challenge room CR is based upon the level of your highest hero. For this reason many players avoid unnecessary hero leveling. While it seems counter-intuitive to scale things this way, it is how the app is designed. As such, I always suggest players would be wise to keep their hero level low to minimize challenge and bot difficulty. If I could roll-back my hero levels I would stop at level 10.