Game randomly breaking down without reason

Hi everyone!

Until now I wasn‘t too concerned about the issue, but today something happened that was over the top.
Since the update my game is randomly breaking down without any reason, especially while loading battles. I guess I loose around 10-30 energy each day because I tap „begin battle“, the game is loading, crashing down and my energy is gone.
In advance of anyone asking: There are no apps running in the background, the ingame-save-energy-more is activated, energy-save-mode on my phone is deactivated, battery is full, phone not loading or running hot otherwise and the operating system on my phone fulfills the requirements for this game.
Until now that was okay to me because I just regenerate energy and have to plan with eventual breakdowns. But today my game broke down while loading for an Alpha Battle and the energy will take ages to regenerate.
I already contacted support about this issue, but I fear they won‘t be able to refund my energy before the battle ends (and therefore it will be useless, I need it for this Alpha) because they are so messed up by all the bugs in the game and I guess it‘s a matter of how the workingspace is managed ingame (guess it‘s not cleaned properly).
Maybe someone has another idea what I can do so that my game will run properly? Or is it just another bug on top of all the ones existing?

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Last 48 hrs I have lost regular bolts the same way. Most of which happened after the battle has been won. Game app crashes.

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What phone / tablet are you using?

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iPhone 6, iOS 12.3.1

I have an iPhone 7.

I always completely shutdown Titan Uprising from the background apps (double click home, then swipe the app up). Then I open it fresh.

I do this every single time I want to play.

Under Titan Uprising settings I have Power Saver switched OFF.

I probably shutdown the game and open it fresh about a hundred times a day. Very often counters stop working properly, energy stops incrementing, chats don’t show up, etc.

The game is just incredibly buggy.

I completely shut down the game as well, but I guess I have to do that before every battle which would be really annoying since it takes some time for the game to load.

As soon as I‘m switching the save-mode off, my device is running hot as hell and I have no chance completing even two battles in a row, so that‘s no option for me.

Everything‘s working fine so far except the game crushing down. It‘s like I said, I guess the workingspace of my device is running full because it‘s not properly cleaned by the app, but I would have to take a look at the code to ensure that. No other app is crushing down so far, even no other game, so it can‘t be my device.

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@Bee @DukeTheGreat @CaptWacky

Have you tried clearing the cache? And/or uninstalled the game, restarted your phone and reinstalled the game?

I don’t have any Apple products on me at this moment in time, so off the top of my head I can’t recall the exact way to go about this (it’s usually pretty similar, with just a few discrepancies), but as a precaution, I do want to put a big ol’ disclaimer here ahead of time:


Do NOT attempt this unless you have an account connected with your game. Facebook, Google Play, App Store? If that’s what the game is connected to via iOS’. This isn’t supposed to actually do anything than ‘clean the cobwebs’, but you can never be too safe.

Write down your support key. Again, same with the first part. These really arn’t some big scary steps from the I.T. department, but these are ordinary precautions for peace of mind, especially since players have been randomly losing their accounts for the heck of it.

This is not a definitive ‘This WILL work’, but it’s a good shot.

Anyway, it should be pretty simple and straightforward, but if it’s really different and this doesnt make sense, let me know and I’ll look up the specifics for your phone.

Make sure the game is closed. You should be able to access the app itself (Titan Uprising), hold down on the icon until ‘App Info’ appears, click on it, go to ‘Storage’, click on ‘Clear Cache’.

Do NOT click ‘Clear Data’. That will erase your game.

That’s it, that’s all the steps. If there is no ‘App Info’, you can try accessing it by just going into your settings and finding your apps and selecting ‘Titan Uprising’ and going from there.

It could just be that there’s some funky code in the iOS build that’s making it extra clunky. Some sort of memory leak, maybe, if it’s making your phones crash and chunk along. When you close and open the app, it gives it a bit of a temporary reset but it doesnt fully flush the cache, which is why you get a small reprieve but not one that lasts long.

Do either of you play using Wi-Fi or are you using your mobile data? You can tell if there’s a leak that way too if there’s a spike in data usage, and you’ll definitely be notified if you’re playing while not at home (unless you have a fairly generous plan). There should be a way to tell on your phone (on android you have to go into the individual app’s info and click on ‘Data Usage’)

Anyway, I really hope this helps!

I have been experiencing the game shutting down frequently as well. It shouldn‘t be necessary to constantly close and re-open the game to avoid problems like this. This is just a sign that the game have not been cleanly coded and it should be fixed asap.


@Bee I also use an iPhone 6, I have to restart the game every 3 fights because I am sure that when I launch the next fight, the game will crash.
It’s the same when I go through the different menus (lvl-up a dragon etc.), it may randomly crash after that.
I think that: the more “environments” the game loads, the more likely it is to crash. I suppose it’s due to our device that’s getting old… but it’s still stupid.

@Kr0kmou The device getting older is not the problem - it‘s simply that new devices have more RAM and therefore it‘s not so bad if it isn‘t cleaned properly. It‘s like a wardrobe - if my wardrobe is running full of clothes I‘ll just go through the clothes and sort them out (clean working memory / working space) instead of buying a new wardrobe (buying new device). Since all new phones have incredible memory, I have the feeling developers don‘t care much about handling the memory properly. But that‘s just my point of view.

@Mysterious Thanks for your advice! (Although I think the user should not be the one to clean cache except webbrowser.) There is no way to clean cache on iOS except inapp and since the game doesn’t provide clearing cache ingame as far as I‘m informed I tried force-restart my phone instead of normal-restart (that should clean cache) and at the moment I‘m only doing two battles in a row, then shutting down the game, waiting for about 2 minutes, then restarting the game etc. That really gets on my nerves but I haven‘t experienced a breakdown while loading a battle since then, only randomly breaking down while loading dragons etc.
I fear reinstalling the game because so many people were randomly loosing their account and support takes ages - so if I‘m loosing my account it would take around at least one week until anyone of support even answers. They‘re so overwhelmed by people reporting bugs, it must be taff. But my game is connected to GameCenter, so I guess I‘ll try reinstalling as well when there‘s a breakdown again.


Oh I completely agree. I don’t think this should be something the user needs to worry about, or have to restlessly scour for fixes online for. From the sound of it, this is due to a messy iOS build, and one or more areas in the coding probably need a thorough scrubbing/ complete overhaul to fix a massive memory leak. There’s no reason the game should be overheating and crashing systems. I don’t know if they took the Android build and then just tweaked it for iOS instead of building it from scratch and thats why it’s behaving so poorly, or what. I don’t know the logistics for what goes into that sort of thing, only that two separate builds have to be made.

But you certainly should’nt be forced to restart your entire system just to make an app run at least partially well. That’s ridiculous.

I’m also really sorry to hear you can’t clean you app caches on iOS products? It’s been a while since I’ve used Apple products but that sounds not…good. 9_9 I have theories as to why but I won’t get into that.

Anyway, I know there are some apps/games where after they update they ‘suggest’ doing a clean reinstall, which is a bit drastic to me, and I believe Titan Uprising is one of them. I don’t think it should be necessary, but I have had to do it myself twice now, I believe. I hope it works for you, if you do decide to go down that route!

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