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Game refuses to open

For whatever reason, the game tells me it’s still under maintenance.

I’d love to get an explanation.

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See, the game is still under maintenance


The explanation is simple. It’s still under maintenance.

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Yeah. The mods said it is supposed to still be in maintenance. idk how we were able to get the update let alone for some to even get in yet


Ah thanks. Thought it was out already since people were posting pictures like crazy.

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That last one has me confused… bug fixes for a smoother experience :rofl::rofl::rofl:


if you keep updated with their twitter, they should post there when maintenance is done.

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For some reason, I cannot get into the game after updating. Everyone in my alliance with android has the same screen.


Funny, Android is more open. It’s on LG, Samsung… I’d think it were Apple with the same screen.

Yeah… I’ll just show myself out…

It’s not a problem. The maintenance is still going is all

Okay and how are people already catching the new creatures?

You saw my version down there, right?

Yes. People managed to get in early, but got kicked out again. No one else is in now. We just all have to wait

but there are people who are not going through it and already have hybrids and etc.

Ok just wanted to post my screenshot but I see I’m not alone

That was before. They got kicked out now.

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♪ i’m not Alonee♪