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Game Reset help


My bofriend’s game completely reset and knocked him back down to the very beginning. We are VIP members and don’t appreciate this.


Was he caught spoofing recently?
Did you have any Facebook accounts linked to his account? If he got a screenshot of his support key before it was reset, try to email that to the ludia support team.
I need more info on what happened.


I like how you said you don’t appreciate this as if it was something somebody deliberately did to you. :rofl:


I’m sorry to hear that Dianne_Snell. This can usually happen if your boyfriend’s game was connected to either Facebook or Google Play and he disconnected from either of those accounts on his game. Reconnecting back to Facebook or Google Play should bring his original game back. If your boyfriend was playing on a Guest account, our support team would have to assist him further with this. Could you ask him to contact our support team here at along with the support key from his old game? Thanks!