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Game reset itself

I just went onto Jurassic world alive and my game reset itself without even when I log back into Facebook can anyone’s help?

That actually happened to me yesterday and I freaked out. I immediately completely closed out the app and when I got back on everything was fine and i had everything back

Thanks for telling me that I was starting to panic I wasn’t going to get my dinosaurs back in so close to a rare I can smell it lol

Lol nice! Did you get your account back as after restarting?

I had the same problem yesterday. Nothing helped. I try with deleting the app and reinstalling, but now after the app startet it is somehow freezed status. Map is blue, is loading at nothing works :frowning: any experience with support time reaction?

I found the solution. I logged out from gamcenter in the settings of iOS. After closing the app and logging in again it worked out :slight_smile:

Glad it was fixed! Definitely a scare when it happens lol

Mine has the same problem. Totally reset and I’m scared to go through the opening scene again incase that overwrites the save.

Tried logging out of game centre and that hasn’t worked :frowning:

Hey Ahaan, check and see if you’re disconnected from Facebook on your game. If your game was connected to your Facebook account and it somehow got disconnected, it would have also signed you out of your original game too. Relaunch the game once you’re connected back to the correct account and see if your game is there.
If your account is still lost, contact our support team here at with your old and new support key including your gamertag so they can assist you.


I have tried this and nothing yet.
I think I will go through the start of the game again until I can access the settings and then go through the set up of Facebook again
Fingers crossed. So annoying

Hi. Exactly the same thing had just happened to me. I was playing one moment on my android phone, put the phone in my pocket and when I clicked on the app again everything has been lost! I’ve just gone thru the demo mode again but I don’t know how to re log in with my Google account. Can anyone help please?

Somehow i fixed it! I finished the demo game and clicked on settings and saw i was connected to facebook but not my google account. So i to logged out of Facebook. Then it gave me the option to log in again with my Google a/c. When i did this it worked. So by playing the demo allowed me to get to the settings part of the app. Hope it works for u too.

Didn’t work at alm

I am curious why JWA needs to see my Facebook friends? Its never asked for this permission before

Hey Creative_Screen_name, this is likely from the new social feature added on a previous update here: