Game Reset, not hearing back from Support

I don’t even recall the level I was on anymore since it’s been so long but feel like it was 15, 16?
When I enter the game now, I’m on Level 1 and it’s having me go do those battles that one does at the beginning.

I didn’t have my Facebook connected. I am signed in to the corresponding Google Play as my Jurassic World Alive account.

I’ve been playing this game for a few years now so I’m really upset out about where the heck all my stuff went. I put so much time in to it. This actually happened many months ago and I emailed support and never got a response. I uninstalled the game because I was so annoyed about it, but I feel like playing again so I reinstalled it and same problem.

Does anyone have any little tips or tricks? This really sucks.

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Hi LittleBoopie! I sent you a private message on the forums about this.

Maybe you can help me and give me an answer to this since they didn’t via email. @Davy … Maybe you can send me a private inbox for the following problem:
I lost my account - transfer request submitted - BUT I don’t know which log in method I should choose? Right now i‘m not logged in via Game center and it asks me to log in as guest, via facebook or apple ID.

When the transfer is done am I gonna need to click on anything? I’m scared that my support key changes when I log in now and transfer fails.
Thank you.