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Game Review - wholehearted + introduction

Hello everyone, Yespa here! Below you will find a detailed in-depth review of Warriors of Waterdeep. Although this is my first time here on forum, I participated in the Beta and have been playing live with a fresh account since day 1 release. having also spent nearly 1k USD, Ive also played the game on a f2p acct and a big spender acct. Ive enjoyed both.

First, I would like to debunk a few things:

  1. The game is a far cry from being “hard”, in all actuality, the game is designed to be very very easy, and you just have to think for a moment, before doing random things and expecting it to turn out your way no matter what. In this way, Warriors of Waterdeep stays true to the DnD we know - you’re not always going to win, and even spending, its not going to make it that much easier for you. So think first, act second.

  2. With paying very little I was able to clear the game in a week. That means all adventures cleared and all farmable dungeons unlocked. I can easily claer all challenges now except the last three rooms in Heartcoil Depths, because all my heroes are still under level 15, so lv18s will kill me. But around 30% of the time, I still get to the final room and beat it.

  3. All other dungeons have been a walk in the park for ages now. The deciding factor was the Cleric Regen neckpiece, and Epic Weapon for Tommus. Once that regen became available, my success ability skyrocketed, and have used it ever since.

  4. You do NOT need to purchase anything, all that a purchase does is SPEED up your eventual progression.
    Yes, making purchases increases enjoyment and increases your return on investment, however even at 0$ spent, U can still progress just fine. Updates to dungeons, revisiting adventure campaign room 1 over and over, and doing pvp makes it easy to get geared up, along with special events.

  5. Regardless of what people “say” VIP is the most worthwhile investment. The reason people whine about it, is they dont aggregate their return on investment, and likely play very casual (a few battles a day). Playing 4, 5 maybe even 10 hrs a day sees the return on your investment almost immediately, not to mention vip cards, event access, sales and more now added too. If you’re serious about Warriors of Waterdeep, start with the VIP subscription. I make almost 100k a month in gold, and 6-7k gems a month, for just 10 dollars. Not to mention VIP chests daily etc.

  6. Gold is an issue is a MYTH. Yes they did release a stealth patch that apparently made gold easier to acquire, and giving us freebies every 4 hrs on the hardest dungeon we have available, makes it much better. REMEMBER if you havent cleared adventure, you can just farm hard rooms and rinse/repeat. That and events that give gold/gems are quite plentiful, not to mention TAPJOY which can give u 10-20k gems a weekend if done right. Thats ALOT of convertible gold. Enough said.

  7. Assuming the expected progress is slow to a snails pace, its no wonder new content is not available. We finally just received our first new hero, who btw is better left to be given free than purchased, so new content is likely far off. Farming current content is very monotonous (however that is spelt) and boring for us high rollers. Ive seen suggestions for a revamp of adventure content with hard mode, and I strongly support this. I also suggest using some of the mid tier bosses in bonus rooms during challenge events, to shake things up. There were plenty of fun DnD lore enemies we loved fighting against. (This is review, ill save suggestions for suggestion post).

  8. The pvp system is both horrific and awesome at the same time. I cant remember the last time I faced off against a real player. Something needs to be done, I constantly farm bot accounts now into the 5k+ area. Some people are farming all the way into 10k-20k ranks now too. Even after the pvp update, its still broken, this needs to be fixed. As well as the rewards. Also the gear choices for bot opponents needs to be addressed. Regardless, I enjoy fighting a few pvp for daily chests etc.

  9. Speaking of rewards, the rewards of chests primarily are very …hindered. After spending 800+ bucks, clearing all content, and doing extensive ingame farming and more, I still get mostly commons and some rares, and rarely ever any epics let alone legendaries. It needs revamping, ill detail in suggestions thread.

  10. Packs gold etc are EXPENSIVE. Nerfing Red Chests to 50% chance for legendary was archaic. These items are money grabs, and until people stop buying them, they will continue at these rotten prices. The ROI for amount spent is silly dilly. Regardless, its always fun to open something and have that tiny inkling of hope something good will drop, it almost never does though.

  11. Having played DnD since before 2nd edition (OG baby!) Its fun to see various classes mixed up with unusual racial assignments. 5E is strange, and seems like the cookie cutter, world of warcraft version of dnd (smooth and easy for the general public). Ill align some suggestions in the other thread here. However, keep in mind, the DnD player base would like to see more on each characters’ development, this is what draws people to DnD.

  12. Lack of meaningful content - This is Dungeons AND Dragons!! Where is the content, where is the character development, where is the real true story arcs? Where is true tactical activities, having a 12 or 16 square board to move around is NOT enough, please, we need more, alot more!! This game has great potential, I hope it is being developed for more, and not just a cash grab on a famous tag (DnD). Check my suggestions later too…

  13. Overall it is addicting, the gear is the thing that keeps people playing/paying. Killing a red dragon over and over is fun. The nod to the Mind Flayer is a good piggyback on Stranger Things for sure. If yo uar eok with taking your characters to 20 over a year or longer, this is the patient game for you, unless you are a millionaire, do not expect to cap off anytime soon.

If I think of more, ill let you know!

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This guy discord. Pretty thorough revirw.

This is highly unrepresentative. Even if Heartcoil Deeps hadn’t been released when you started, it took me over 2 months to clear Harvestshield Mountain, and I played fairly frequently.

This is more accurate.

Oh. Well that’s not paying very little really. Maybe if you spend that much you can finish the adventure mode in a few weeks.

Technically, Calliope was the first “new” hero.


I love your review Yespa, until you suggested that clocking in to play this game while paying for ViP was the return on investment everyone was missing out on. Many of us already have a job, or school. These mobile games are supposed to be brief stints, not another job :slight_smile: so that alone tells all of us that there is zero return on investment, because my hourly rate is $150-$500/hour and playing this game for 4-5 hours while paying $10/month to benefit from the $10 is crazy. As for me dropping $10/month because of my hourly rate, negative. I buy houses not mobile game subscriptiona. Heh.

The rest of the review is pretty dope.

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Very Impressed :exploding_head:

Hey Dylan, thanks for the kind words, yes people with budgets like yours or mine will generally have a differing perspective for sure. We are likely the exception though, not the general population that plays this, who was the people in mind! Either way, good game and carry on :wink:

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Hey Yespa, glad my financial response invoked such a passion reply from you. The point is, no mobile game should require more than a 5-10min burst here or there especially if you’re paying to play.

I liken this game to Clash Royale. I spent 10min in the game in the morning to farm my daily crown chest (this is our brawl chest here) which requires 10 crowns to open. Each victory (or loss) can earn you upto 3 crowns (or 2) or zero or 1. That game also has hourly chests, exact same timers as here with four slots to fill.

They have a ladder system with amazing rewards. We have a PVP system with no rewards.

This game has explore mode. Clash has nothing but events. Clash doesn’t block players from participating in events (no ViP limitations). They also offer a monthly subscription which allows for multiple entries for free to events. Here I don’t believe we have that.

Anyhow, the point is, this game should be balanced and fun enough to fairly improv while only spending bursts of time.

Even at minimum wage $10/hour (let’s keep it rounded), it would cost a player $40-$50 plus $10/month to earn a return on investment with ViP status. And that equates to a brand new console game a day (or every two days). Or a bad ass meal somewhere. Or tickets to an amusement park. Basically it’s not a return on investment at all. It’s a gouge.

Either way, good game, carry on :slight_smile:

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Hmm well I only engage with things im passionate about however, that was just a quick remark above, not a passionate one!

The game can very much be enjoyed ftp, or psuedo ftp with just vip. There is absolutely no must spend in this game, the game model throws progress speedup at you of course, but a disciplined person can easily play this game ftp. In fact mamny members here, on the reddit and in the discord do just that!

Yes the prices are high, but all they do is speed you towards the inevitable either way, if u pay, youre paying for speed mostly, as anything in this game is achievable, especially with tapjoy events.

@Ret I didnt spend over 100 before I cleared the game. So please do refrain from making blanket statements before knowing facts, but appreciate the rest of your feedback as always!

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I’m a true FTP for the challenge of it. All I’m aying is ViP shouldn’t come with a time allotment to ROI. Otherwise, I really dig your review. Cheers.

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Thanks mate, yea I get it - however thats how it is. The more a person plays, the more they get out of VIP.

Cant wait to see guilds and cities and Rak’s!

Will u start your own guild, if not Ill have officer positions :wink:

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I’ve never been invested enough in games to lead, too much time. But I’ll be the right hand champion for a guild :slight_smile:

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:wink: Sounds good

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