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Game save problem


Well hello, I have a one issue.
For first, it’s not by device, I play the game both on my phone, when I am in work, and on my tablet at home. Sometimes, when I play (not always) and finish some action (like, speed up hatching egg), or… collect some woods and fishes, and then exit the game, and start it again, the actions sometimes does not get saved. Like let’s take this: I play the game for a hour, then do some stuff in the last 5 minutes, and leave, the last 5 minutes does not get saved… I figured out, that if I do some activity like Brawl or just anything that forces the game to load something, it saves. Well… It’s really a pain to send dragons for journey, prepare eggs for hatching or start some longer training, only to reset the app and find out it didn’t save, or worse, wake up in the morning and find out nothing has been done. It’s kinda frustrating, same with runes, if I watch some ads, then leave and I have few runes less, cause it saved long time ago. Can you add some manual save option, or… improve autosave? It’s the only thing that is making my gameplay bad. Thanks.


Hey there, @Roxik, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this! After discussing things with the team, I’ve been able to find out that the game ought to be saving your game every 90 seconds. The most obvious recommendation that I can give is to wait a bit before closing the app in order to give it time to save, but they also gave me some tips to try and guarantee that your progress won’t be lost:

  • Firstly, they recommend that you close the app when on Berk, rather than in a Market
  • They also mentioned that spending Runes triggers a save, but I can understand that this is not always going to be a feasible solution…

That said, we will forward your feedback to our development team so that they might take it into consideration moving forward. Thanks!


Thank you! It’s not a problem knowing that 90 second wait will save it. But you know, if you exit the game trough the dialog (arow back on phone or tablet, it asks if you really want to exit the game) it could save itself when exiting, just an idea ^^ Thanks for fast answer.


Hey, I’ve had this problem before too. But the way I sorted out from never happening again is going to main island on Berk and backing out of the app using the ‘are you sure you want to leave’ and it always saves.


You know what I found out today? My toothless returned from search, and he had nothing, but since my hatchery was full, I decided just to quit game, without thinking about waiting for save… and well, I turned the game back on later, and whoosh, toothless didn’t bring the egg… so I left and started few more times and I got it again, hah… So people can really take advantage of this save issue to get the most out of expeditions. It would be great to fix.