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Game Screwed Me


Ok so, I was playing, no issues and decided to go fight in the tournament for the new ptera. I select my team of therazino, icthyostega (sp?) And ostafrik. I pay my 5 dino bucks. 1st round i put in for defense. Before it can begin round 2, I get disconnected to the main screen. Ok, well, it should just tell me i am mid battle.


I get on, see I have dropped to 50th on the hunter league, it kept the 5 dino bucks I spent to fight, and my three dinos are on cool down.
Can I get a little help here? I was connected to my home’s wifi. I’ve no idea why it crashed as I had poked all my dinos, hatched another, and checked trades without issue before my fight. But then it gave no option to keep fighting, penalized my rank position, didnt refund, and locked my dinos out unless i pay over 200 dino bucks just to try again with them. I wouldnt mind if it let me continue my fight, but it didnt and still acted like I had fought when I didnt. I even reconnected and got back on before the round would have timed out.

And then this post (cuz this is my second posting of this issue) got moved to the Jurassic World: Alive forum. Wrong game, whoever you are that moved it last. Jfc.


Hey TheOnyxFoxReturns, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Usually, crashing issues can be caused if other apps are running in the background that’s taking up a lot of memory. However, reach out to our support team at with your support key, and they might be able to provide some assistance. Make sure you include any information and detail on what happened in your email as well.