Game selfshootdown


urgent, fix the problem !! I already published before for the same problem and I’m going to publish it again because now it got worse: the game stops or closes for everything at all times !! I did the steps that suggested to me and nothing happened, it continues and the same and even worse


The game does not have enough free space to run from your electronic you are using. I would suggest freeing up space to have more availability to allow the game’s cache to have room to remember and save data.


I did that too but it still happens


I would say you may have an issue with another program that is causing issues with your game or a load error.


Hey ReyInferno115, the game crashing is usually caused by
device memory issues or connection errors, make sure that you’re playing on a device that is compatible with the game and that you are connected to a stable internet connection while playing. Take a look at our FAQ here for more information:
If you’re still having issues, feel free to contact our support team at with your support key and more information, and they might be able to provide further troubleshooting.