Game should be fun for everyone

This is a game… GAME meaning it’s supposed to be a fun, challenging and relaxing activity

I am under the impression that lately Ludia has forgotten about that and sees JWA as a product like any other. But fact is: it’s not. Of course they need to earn money and of course they need to change stuff to keep the challenge going but where has the fun and the relaxing gone??

We’ve discussed the variations of playing this game here numerous times. And learned that battling isn’t all that draws or keeps players here. There’s a lot of aspects that SHOULD serve a lot of people. And that’s how it used to be. But nowadays practically everything is broken, unplayable, bugged or just plain frustrating.

For those who like to battle PvP:

  • lower levels are swamped in droppers slaughtering their teams
  • higher levels can barely get a match going. Boosts are held hostage due to no shuffle/reset.

For those who like tournaments:

  • lower levelled players are setup against players up to 10 levels higher and boosted slaughtering their teams and making the 10 takedowns a real annoying and frustrating grind. Also all the hybrid tournaments don’t help much as often players are qualified based upon reaching Badlands but can’t participate as they don’t have 8 hybrids unlocked yet.
  • higher levelled players face endless standoffs, ridiculous RNG or no matches at all

For those who like to raid:

  • lower levelled players are very reliant on team members (most not having 2nd, 3rd or 4th accounts) and need a third party app to setup raids, share strats and get lobbies. The fact that there’s no way of communicating within the JWA app is ridiculous and makes this an unnecessary hassle.
  • higher levelled players face the same communication problems but are also pretty much done raiding all there is. Especially the Apex dna that now stacks for no reason at all.
  • ALL RAIDERS encounter the endless trouble of getting the invitations across, the glitches, boots and time outs

For those who like to “get them all”:

  • with the new milk cow called Apex now no longer being raid obtainable only and it’s ingredients being safely locked away until the markets offers them for ridiculous amounts of money or having a short event where you can grind some…… there’s no way anyone can fulfill the challenge of getting their deck completed before the next set is introduced.

  • for lower levelled (starting) players the difference in spawns is so minimal it’s gonna take them way longer to grind for certain ingredients and level or fuse.

For those who like to be in a team:
Brace yourself and make sure you have enough time at hand. Darting, Battling, Fusing, FIP’ing, takedowns, all needs to be done at given amounts a day at certain times a week (that’s not even including extra stuff from top alliances or having to get those level 20 sancs up) it’s a chore. And if you don’t have discord then you not being around or doing stuff that’s not allowed will result in a boot sooner or later.

For those who like to run trough the campaign:

  • you broke it. There’s so many bugs, glitches and failures in that section and it’s topped off with additional tasks which are either not understandable or undoable.

For those who enjoy strike towers:
They’re not much of a challenge and mostly very repetitive. Creature move sets are off, delays and cool-downs ignored or the opponent doesn’t attack at all.

On top of all this:
The previous update had the raids locked until a certain level was reached. To “prevent lower arenas being fluttered with apex creatures”. Yet anyone with a wallet big enough will soon be able to get the newest Apex ? How does that even work? Or is locking the other apex just a method to seduce those who can’t reach those (yet) into emptying their wallets to at least get that single obtainable one?

The Game as it once was is long gone. I realise that. And as much as we’ve all tried to find our enjoyment it’s getting harder and harder to find any or keep enjoying cause every update stuff goes from bad to worse.

It’s a GAME Ludia, a game many people love(d) try bringing some of the GAME (enjoyment / relaxation) back in the next update instead of flushing whatever is still left down the drain too.

It’s commonly known that customers are way more open to spending money on something they enjoy than on something that annoys / frustrates them or feels like a chore. Make JWA fun for everyone again…. Please


I was expecting the usual simple complaint about matchmaking, but wow, very, very well written overall status of the game. Let’s hope this get to Ludia… Thanks for taking the time to detail everything like that!


Hey, that’s me! I feel represented :laughing:


Lol well I’m glad. I’m one of “those” too :wink:

Wonderfully put.

This part is where I am right now:

I can’t enjoy PvP because we’ve had no boost reset, and too much changed with the resilient alteration. And now I can’t even collect them all because they’ve gone down this route.

As for raids, aside from Hydra Boa and the occasional Carno raid, I flat out don’t raid at all anymore. Once I’ve unlocked Hydra Boa, I’ll stop raiding completely.

I’m just glad Pikmin Bloom was released. It gets me walking (something with JWA never bothered to do) and I’ve realized that I don’t need to play JWA like I used to. I wasn’t missing out on much, with incubator rewards being mostly garbage.


I agree honestly….

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I added the boosts issue. I wanted to stay away from it but I’m convinced it does have a huge effect on the current arena status.

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These two issues are tied together really. High level players have a harder time finding matches, so instead of making them wait the matchmaker will match them with lower level players, who then tend to get crushed when this happens. But you seemingly can’t have low wait times AND fair matchmaking.


Raid minions also dont have cooldown… had a minion do instant invisibility shield twice :sweat:

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The only thing I am doing right now are the Apex raids as I am one who just wants to get them all. I’m 1/3 to 1/2 way with all the raid Apex creatures. It’s becoming a chore though. Once they let out the new apex component creatures, I’ll have reason to FIP throughout the day.

I haven’t been doing PvP because of the long battles, not the dropper issue.

I’m kind of burnt out and not turning the game on as much.

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I realise that. But besides the obvious I just wanted to show the effects for both type of players. A low levelled player isn’t really helped much with the explanation for his problem. He just gets slaughtered, discouraged and quits.

I have all Apex and the next one I can buy. End of fun for me there.

If I remember correctly you’re the one running all those special/odd/ non ordinary teams? If that’s the case and even you’re losing interest in this game…. That says something and I find that VERY discouraging for the future of this game😞

Thats very true. Im not trying to help low level players specifically though. I was just demonstrating how these problems are somewhat unfixable, since addressing one problem makes the other worse. In a pvp system like this, the devs have to strike a balance between the two, so some extent of unfair matchups and long wait times is simply inherent to a game like this.

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A level cap on arena’s
A creature level /boost cap on arenas
A max amount of arenas you’re allowed to drop….

All options that could work but they refuse to even look at. If they can implement the playerlevel cap in raids, the creature level cap in tournament then they can also implement that in PvP. IF they wanted to.

As said…. It’s frustrating on everyone. Starting, mid and endgame players resulting in people leaving. And most definitely will not enhance spending extra money on the game. I don’t get that strategy at all :see_no_evil:


Lately? I mean, I agree, but this is not a recent thing.

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The origin of it no. That goes back some time. The extend of it… that’s recent as every month new / other features are implemented that just add to the complexity and unplayability of the game. :sweat_smile:

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Well, I’ll take that. Layers of unplayability :wink:

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Very well wrote. I strongly agree with the championship meta. Low level players getting matched up against lvl 30 boosted or even 5 levels higher that have insane boosts on them. Hopefully Ludia will let this sink in and consider making some changes.


Aside from preventing you from dropping, all of those have their own problems too. It’s a difficult problem to solve. Level and creature caps make it more difficult to progress, for instance. It doesn’t help that people are leaving, because that also makes matchmaking worse. It’s a vicious cycle or sorts.

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Don’t be frustrated to miss apex DNA guys, at least for PvP, they don’t worth it. Testa and skoona rekt them all.

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