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Game softlocks at bosses when using specific attacks

Please watch video that I uploaded on youtube, it pretty much explains everything.

Saarvin + Fury + axe flurry proc = 6 hits. If this kills the boss the game will proceed to what looks like the experience screen results as I do have character that are ready to level up. However the game just softlocks and can’t proceed to presumably dice rolling.

I also had this happen against Argathakul at room 6. Same thing, the game will not proceed to the next room. This time Saarvin wasn’t guilty here, it was Shevarith.

Hey there, @sigma, thanks for bringing this to our attention - our team will take a closer look in order to figure out what might be happening here.

Hmm I have had it where they would just sit there for even 30 seconds before moving on. I always assumed it was just a delay between my phone and the server.