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Game Sometimes Crashes After Tournament Battle

What the title says, and it doesn’t seem that I’m the only one to which this is happening. Sometimes the game randomly crashes even without Tournament involvement such as during coin collection or so.


Same for me, it just crashed an hour ago as I tried to make a deal at the trade harbour.
Just exactly the behavior that I expected after an update.


Ah well… I was starting to think that finally we got an update without bugs :bug: But guess what happened?


Seems to be a hardware issue…again.

I have a second, just for fun, account on my phone. This is slightly weaker than my tablet, 4 gb RAM compared to 6 gb on my tablet and a weaker processor. Both have more than enough internal memory.

Since I installed the update on the phone the game crashes every 5 minutes. On the tablet crashes still occur very seldom, but they do.

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Only happened to me 3 times on the spin wheel for me, i also stored 36 AF fossils quickly and no crash