Game stuck at 10/30

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Bug Description: Game stuck at 10/30

Area is was found in: start the game

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:everytime

What type of device are you using:ios

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Confirmed… Same thing here as well. On Android.

Android . There’s a server problem (again as usual). They better fix this ASAP and not on Monday. Eastern timers like me have epic DNA to request tomorrow, Boa to do and Arctalces to hunt

It’s not only an Android issue, we have the same problems on iOS.

I don’t know if it is server related or account related. I can’t log in on my account on iOS but can on my account on Android. It’s extremely slow and keeps disconnecting on Android. Lost some attempts at the strike towers inexplicably as just doing strike on my creature would have beaten the 3 opponents, yet i had to spend 5 cash to redo it. What is this nonsense?

Seems to be across the board everyone in our discord server is having the same issue with game not loading properly #jurassicworldalive:bugreports

Its a server problem. Other data consuming apps like YT and Spotify run fine as usual

@moderators can someone please look in to this? Will this problem be resolved today or not because it’s the weekend? Thank you!


Am able to get in the game, but it’s constantly trying to connect. Almost like every move, it’s trying to connect again. Same to some other members. Super shaky connection today.

Same here stuck at either 10/30 or 17/30 and eventually says its a connection issue check internet but my internet is fine.

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Same issue here

Also stuck on 10/30

Come on weekend employees, let’s do your job and get this fixed. A snail just passed the game.


Can log in, and run, but supply drops don’t work. And the strike events barely work. Not risking a darting takes a while to load, but seems to be working otherwise.

Past that running extremely slow. Not sure if i dare go after a legendary right now for fear of loosing the dna i need.

In my alliance there is a Canadian chap, and he confirmed that the weather is really bad in Ontario and Quebec, blizzard is raging there, so probably that’s the reason they have server problems currently.

Darting takes forever to load but works fine after. I wouldn’t risk it still. And I’d stay away from strikes until this entire thing is resolved

Is that a joke? They are having problems because it is cold in Canada? Who could have known…


Suddenly the game lags, my opponent seems to be the same as me. I’m on Grypo so I’m stronger than his 2 resilients. Feeling lucky but that’s not right, such a game is not fair. So fix the game, Lydia.

Thankfully got my strikes down before this happened. But going to wait on the legendary attacks till i can make sure i won’t loose the dna by accident.

I could dart the legendary once just a little before the problem started. Can’t even get back into the game right now, but one of my alliance mates using this laggy time in game to loose some raids for culminating battles for defense missions. :wink:

Are we seriously being told to adapt to what us is probably normal weather conditions in Canada while the rest of us are scattered across the globe?

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