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Game stuck on loading screen iOS

My game is stuck on loading screen. I tried other internet connections, reinstalled game few times and restarted my iPhone few times. Nothing helps. Anything else I can do?

Hey Lewy, I’m sorry that your game is stuck on the loading screen. If you’re connected to a stable internet connection, could you please make sure that you also have enough internal storage on your device?

If you’re still having trouble, our support team could try and provide some additional troubleshooting if you reach out to them here at

Connection is stable, tried WiFi and LTE (i had to download game few times cuz of reinstalls so net is fine). And 40Gb of free space should be more than enough for this game.

The problem is with version of your iOS. Apparently game is not ready for iOS 13 yet. Have the same problem and i will downgrade my system.

Had this problem on iOS 12 too. Not to mention that my roommate is playing just fine on iOS 13.