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Game Stuttering?

I have noticed in the last two days that trying to scroll across my park or across my line up it would stutter if I went across a fairly wide area. I’m not sure if it’s my tablet (it’s new and has little on it) is the problem or if it’s a update lately (game or tablet). It was running fine before this and little to not stuttering. I know the Tab S6 Lite isn’t the most powerful tablet but it was doing better than this a couple days ago. Is anyone else having this same problem or just me? I have restarted my device multiple times and cleared the cache out.


Ive been having the same issue as well.


Welcome to the forums, @Artachoak. I haven’t been having this problem on my iPad, but my park will freeze when I play on Android at certain moments.


I’ve been having the same problem too, it’s not like if it affects my overall gameplay, but it’s pretty annoying when trying to collect coins

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Hello everyone. Please consider emailing our team at with your device info to help with any investigation!

Thank you.

Just sent in a message!


I thought it was just my oily fingers causing it yesterday but this Thread and today’s game time proved the accusation otherwise. :woozy_face:

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Yeah, no it’s not just you. I restarted my tablet 2-3 times and even cleared the cache, no changes so I figured I’d ask.


Just a little update to this, but I have had 6 crashes tonight alone. 3 of them was while collecting from a PVP spinning wheel (one of these 3 was immediately after 4th crash during spinning wheel to even collect said reward) and then it crashed again right after one more PVP battle. Other ones was selecting creatures, trying to open packs, or even trying to navigate.

Ludia, please do something about this. 6 times on a Tab S6 Lite that should be able to run the game perfectly is a bit much, there is something seriously broken and many players have been complaining about crashes for weeks with little to no replies or acknowledgement from anyone. I do not want to stop playing this game, I have worked so hard and still am working to improve my own lineup of creatures, but this is really getting to be insane.


ive been playing on my samsung a50 and it runs fine a few crashes here and there but other than that its running perfectly

I just hope that the new additions which is the fan favourite, community pleasing Unlockable Boss feature doesn’t lead to another increase in device requirements and capacity. I’m playing on Tab S4.

That’s great to hear but even on my Samgsung S9+ I was noticing stuttering. A Tab S6 Lite should be able to run it fine but 6 crashes and clearly others are having the same issue. It may not be noticable or even there for you but for some it is.

Mine isn’t

What device are you using and what OS? I have had yet another 5 crashes since I contacted support and followed their steps to fix the game. It constantly crashes and I’m on Android 11 with the latest update for the system. May go back to my phone and see which of the two handles it better and stay there for now.

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Samsung galaxy A21S

The thing I am having an issue with is my Tablet which probably has a lower core and RAM than yours. Which it seemingly the problem, so I need to either find a way to get some stuff disabled or trade it in whenever I can for a much better one.

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