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Game suddenly not loading

Was playing fine this morning, turned game off to answer the door, tried to reload the game & am getting the reload greeting but it’s just getting stuck at 1/30. Phone Internet working fine on everything else…


Following on, this appears to be a sporadic issue, sometimes connecting, sometimes not.

Hey there, G_81. This sounds like there could be some interruptions in the internet connection.

If you contact our support team at with your support key, our team might have some troubleshooting steps that can help.

At risk of sounding like a moron, support key?

I have the same problem

Same problem over here. It says I have no internet connection while I have. No support key, it fails loading before that point.

The Dutch down detector agrees that the problem is not my fault. We have like 20 players in this country and half of them already reported the game as being down :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on a Samsung a52s, 5g, 3/4 bars. Don’t think I should be having this issue. Not had any problems before today. Am in Birmingham, England, maybe a European issue?

Your support key is an 8 letter code located at the bottom of the loading screen or the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu.

If you are unable to retrieve your support key due to the loading issue, please do continue to reach out to our support team. It’d help our team with the investigation.


Same problem here. Game isn’t starting

Same heree

Seems to have improved slightly over the last hour or so, been able to jump on a couple of times.

Same here have not been able to connect since the afternoon

OK, think I’ve noticed a pattern. My connection issues seem to ramp up when I use a giga scent. Dunno if that helps?

I’m having the same problems

Hey DPG members, I’ve forwarded the loading issue to our team. If you haven’t already, please email our support team at It’d really help our team out to gather more information.

Thank you!

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The game is having a lot of issues today. I’m experiencing them on both my accounts, and I’ve seen others complaining on Discord. Lots of battle timeouts, freezing on the battle countdown screen, connection dropping even when Internet is strong, getting stuck on the drone screen after darting (not frozen, just endlessly watching the close-up of the drone hovering), super slow loading when joining or leaving an alliance, raids and arena battles not letting people choose moves…

I’m having the same problems…

Are servers down?

This morning my game is stuck at 1