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Game suddenly not loading

Same thing happening to me but Im on a IPhone XR

Tryed to open JWA this morning for several times, but it says always there is a problem with the connection to the server. That isn’t normal, even for Ludia.

I have the same problem.

Same Problem here… internet connection is ok, game stuck at loading 1/30

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Und wenn es mich mal für ein paar Minuten reinlässt, dann treten nur Fehler auf bis es mich wieder rausschmeißt🤮

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Translated From German:

And if it lets me in for a few minutes, then only errors occur until it throws me out again:face_vomiting:

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OK, seems to be doing this again today, again after deploying a giga scent. Appears worse in morning/ afternoon, improves somewhat (but not perfect) in the evening.

Sometimes I can log in, then I close the game and I’m stuck again

Yeah if for some evasion you have to come out, it can be a pain. Also having blank map issues when I am in the game.

This is on and off happening for me all morning, even when it can load, I’m either getting a empty map or blank invite list for raid.
even if I managed to get a raid started, will get red connection error popup in the middle

Right now I can only log in with my wifi but not with my 4G. So I can’t dart Compy. Thanks Ludia

I am having major issues now. When I try to log in, the game will say it’s having trouble connecting to its servers, then tell me I have no Internet (I do). When I do finally get in, nobody on my alliance/friends list will load, and no alliance requests will load, which is making it difficult for me to do sanctuary-related stuff. People aren’t getting invites I send them, either.