Game suggestions/ideas/critiques

Hey there! Firstly, thanks for the great game. Mobile games tend to get boring and stale. But this one seems like it has a dev team that actually cares, and makes me want to commit actually seeing this all the way through.

Now there is afew ideas/suggestions.

Fun ideas:

  • Let us see Titan Wing forms in brawls! If I put the time into training it up, I wanna see that beast on the battle field.
  • Let us view other players Hangers/islands
  • Long shot, but PvP would be wonderful.
  • More Dragons to Brawl. Alot of the unique or exclusive dragons we get seem almost pointless after you have them, getting to fight with them would make it much more rewarding.
  • Ambitious idea; Dragon Market place. You end up with a lot of duplicate dragons, or premiums you didnt want. What if you could put them on the market place as a possible trade option? So it stays balanced you could make it so only premiums can be traded for premiums, or maybe several rares or unique for a premium, to avoid exploitation. Possibly a trade limit? Needing to wait days or a week to trade again depending on rarity?
  • Breed specific flocks. I made it a personal goal to collect all the stormcutters as their my favorite, then Sand Wraiths next. Would be cool if there was a way to document this/ getting an achievement for it.
  • more achievements; getting specific number of dragons to certain level. Having a number of the same type, and make it so we get small rewards for a number of achievements, just incentive to work towards it.
  • Favorite Dragon perch, toothless always has his own perch. It would be cool if we could have a perch that you can change out for your favorite dragon.
  • Dragon riders secondary dragons on perch. It’s been said that Astrids back up dragon is a lumberjack, it would be awesome if the back up dragons could be placed on the perches as well.
  • Shameless personal want: ADD CRIMSON GORE CUTTER PLEASE.

Now, Suggestion/critique. Mainly concerning brawl.

I REALLY like brawl. Turn based strategy is candy to me, I love it. But the more I got into it I noticed something really disappointing…

Leveling up means nothing.
As you level up, the only thing that changes is numbers. Durability of your dragons, and the enemy dragons, HP, Attack damage, it’s all relative to your dragons level. Even worse; as you get higher leveled, you face higher and higher level dragons.

Now in my opinion this actually is not that hard to fix. If you make the specialties of the types of dragons much more significant, you can balance this out.

Also without even changing stats. We need better strategy options. Heres afew ideas

  • Defender dragons need a provoke skill, one that makes one or more enemies attack it. Increase HP or give it boosted defences.
  • Cunning dragons could have a berserk ability, Forcing an enemy dragon to attack instead of heal.
  • Strikers need an ability to delay an enemy turn by 1 when hitting it.
    Now the big one.

GUARDING. This is a big thing that all TBS games need. You NEED to be able to brace for an incoming attack.

Now defend berk missions.

I’m not a fan of these. They seem IMPOSSIBLE without toothless. And any strategy other than sending your dragons in mass so they sink the ships fast enough to survive just wont work.

My suggestion here would be to make it more viable to send surgical strikers in, and have others tank other ships.

Just ideas from me! I’m loving the game. The dragons and animations are wonderful, I enjoy the added bonuses from being a Dragon Rider

…also add crimson gore cutter.



Uh… you’re doing something wrong, then. I find them to be a cakewalk (but I’m also only on #202 with level 134 dragons and maxed catapult). If Toothless is your best defender, you are definitely using the wrong dragons, because Toothless isn’t actually a very good defender. In fact, he is my #29 (i.e. I have 28 dragons that are better), and my best dragons (Light Fury, Guslout, Kandy&Kane) have almost twice his single-number rating. (In individual stats, the disparity is closer to 5x!)

Other superior dragons include Windgnasher (not quite as good as those top-3, but very, very close) and Champion Triple-Stryke (only slightly better than Toothless). The others are all exclusive, unique or premium, so harder to obtain if you don’t already have them. (If you want, I can give you the complete list. All of these are level 134, but they should have similar relative performance whatever level cap you are at.)

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Ooo. None of those dragons are as high a level as Toothless for me. Thanks for the advice.

I like the ideas, especially the dragon market and dragon breeding, very creative and well done.

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There’s a point in the game where Defending Berk is tough and your dragons aren’t quite up to it, around levels 70-90. But once you’re past level 100, they become a breeze and a good way to spend excess wood.

Yeah… it was easier back when you could see the consolidated defend stat in Book of Dragons statistics view… that made it easy to see what dragons are worth training for defending. (Now you have to look at each dragon’s full description and scroll to see their stats :cry:. Or look here.)

Completely Agree with the essence of this statement.( Although the update at the beginning of the year drastically improved Toothless so I occasionally use him)
I’m in a very similar situation I have 40-50 Dragons 134+ and somewhere between 450-500 battles.
I have no problem defeating any fleet that I have come across. I typically fight 2-3 fleets per day I play and even with a maxed catapult… My Dragons will annihilate any fleet I’ve faced since fleet 75-90.( As noted below👏)
*Catapult - Use at beginning and knock out packs of 1-shot boats(2-3 shots at most). This will allow you to use catapult very effectively once you have released all dragons.
*- I personally think best way to release two Green, 1 Red and 2 Yellow.

  • Also, especially when you are in earlier stages, release dragons at specific locations on your screen. There’s no reason to fight boats that can’t touch you…
  • If I am sending my best combo right now it would be( Lonewood Timberjack,Color Thunderpede,Valka’s Mercy,Champion Nadder,and Edge Nadder.) I’ve been very successful with this “color-lineup”,regardless of what Dragons I use.
    First two will do damage and can take almost most of the damage. Red Dragon is sent 3rd to cause high amount of damage behind green, yellows sent right after to do the same while not getting hit much.