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Hi, i have been playing rise of berk for quite a while, as well as several friends. We were talking about options that would be cool or even great for the game and ill sum them up down here below:

  • Having the capability of viewing Berk of friends/ other players, this way you dont have to ask the other if u can watch on their screen to see what they have, you could check eachother out from your own home ^ ^ (Bonus options would be, the capability to resend a dragon of a friend on their last task, or give them a single rune /speed up during training daily maybe even a recource at random in small amounts?)

  • Resources are great. But at higher levels the usefullness of wood drops drastically. You need fish to feed your dragons as well as for iron wich you will need to train your higher level dragons often as well. The difference runs up so much that you end up having tons of wood, and no fish to keep up!

  • Battle other players / friends in brawl. Friends of mine had been discussing who would win in a brawl match, sadly, there is no way of knowing cause you can not battle each other! :frowning: A single option to brawl other players aside from the arena would be awesome.

  • Longer lasting statues & permanent decorations for berk. This would include several house styles, statues, seasonal ornaments, trophys and the like. I bet everyone would like to have some way to personalize their berk.

  • Speed up items, items that you can buy or earn that will make your dragon finish building or training faster by removing x duration from the count-down timer.

  • Lottery, spend some runes up to 10 x for a weekly lottery (15x if dragon rider?) & get chances for nice prices like runes, resources, card-packs, odin coins and the like. Always makes people want to give it a try ^ ^

These were our suggestions, hope you liked them. Do let us know, we would hope to see this game grow in the future :slight_smile:
Many greetings
Kaas Keizer


Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions! We’ll make sure to forward this to our Developers. :grin:

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Some suggestions from me:
A way to see current gathering time in the hangar.
Search by location, instead of dragons
Sort by resource gathering in the hanger. For example sort by wood per hour, sort by iron gathered.


My suggestios are mostly quality of life - type:

  • Add a visual indicator for when the dragon’s NOT selected, indicating how much time it has been collecting for. Currently resetting collection timers is a bit time consuming if you forget which you’ve already collected. There isn’t really a quick way to tell apart a dragon that you just collected resources from and one that has several million resources waiting. Therce icon could grow in size or maybe the resource icon could start out with a transparent background and slowly fill up.

  • Add health bars to dragons’ icons on the right in Defend Berk. The dragons are a bit small and the minigame is a bit hectic. It would offer a bit better overview of your situation.

  • Sort by species (and class) in Book of Dragons (helpful with missions)

  • This one’s a bit out there, but recall all dragons button. Maybe an actual modelled horn on the island that you can tap to call back all dragons. The resources could be automatically collected as long as it doesn’t overflow the basins. It would be cool if you could also send the same dragons back by tapping it again. I guess it would briefly store in memory the dragons last used for collecting and send those out again. It could also always send out the maximum available amount of gatherers, as it’s sometimes a hassle to remember to use a backup gatherer when you’re training one of your main gatherers.

Thanks for making this awesome game :smile:


I’d like to suggest adding a few more skins for Hookfang and Barf and Belch because they are the only dragons that have only 1 skin.


You do realize by now, i hope, since i am fairly new to this game, that to get iron doesnt cost just fish. It depends on the dragon. Some need wood, some need fish… unless this was solved after your notice with later updates???

Why do some of the dragons cost way too much. My son loves playing this game, and he would be willing to spend all of his hard earned pocket money to buy some of the dragons that you cannot hunt for. Please bring about a time when you can look for each of the dragons, some people will spend money just so they can have their dragon tables all filled up with the extremely expensive ones. And where a lot of the other players will have no chance at all to own them. Please make this game a lot fairer to those that cannot buy your items. And make the times more realistic, whilst trying to do the collections, we have spent months trying to do the bewilderbeast collection and we are no why near finishing it.
He is getting annoyed with the game and that’s how I’m trying to play the game for him. I must admit it’s growing on me, but not being able to hunt for the expensive dragons is a tedious business indeed. Please make it a fairer game.
Thanks for your time hopefully you see your way to help us out.


I have a suggestion which would really help the game. I’m thinking every week an island to be added so we have more space to put dragons because it would be nice to put all types of dragons in 1 island, one type in another etc. But since there isn’t much place on Berk, I was thinking crossing berk. To find these new islands Hiccup and Toothless would have to travel for 24 hours (more or less), sometimes they won’t find anything and sometimes they will.New islands will be available while Toothless levels up.
Thanks for reading
Kind regards
(Pirro Marko)


Hiii there i was playing this and my suggestion are this:

First, the premium dragons do not have the auality of premium, some of this premium dragons such as reigstorm do not have that premium quality they have a lower stat power and health in defending berk and also can take less resource than an exclusive dragon. I think you should increse the stats at least for making the difference of spending 30 000 runes than buying 14 250 runes for more benefits.

Second, there is a low gamma of dragons in the fight area i think you should add only the premium ones cause there are lot of exclusive dragons and the category woth less dragons are the premium ones

Third, (but not neccessary) personalization of premium dragons, some part of the comunity were giving the idea of creating premium dragons of each specie for personalization and were suggesting of putting a little more quantity of runes (up to 45 000) for buying this dragons that hsve a lot of stats and a personalization design.

Thats all my comments thanks for looking this post. Have a great day!!!


Hey my suggestions are:

  1. Give us a way to make more than just one polished amber every four hours like put in a dial to show how much amber you would like to convert because seriously I have a ton of the stuff and every tie I convert I barely make a dent.

  2. Add in the grimgnasher dragons and the shellfire dragon because those are definitely dragons some of us would like to see

  3. Lower the prices for some of the gifts because some people aren’t so fortunate to be able to buy them

  4. Make it so you can’t get the same premium dragon 2,3 or 6 times in a row because that has happened to me so many times.

Thank you for your time and please at least consider adding the dragons


i have some suggestions as well !

  • make an easier way to collect iron (cause right now its really long and tedious )
  • when trading for polished amber, allow the players to choose the quantity instead of one at a time
  • bring sagefruit and the action points boosters to brawl
  • events or something for more champion dragon tokens (these guys takes forever to level up)
  • allow players to buy tokens for individual dragons in brawl in exchange for resources/runes
  • search by ‘dragon species’ option in the hangar and dragon book

The legendaries are supposed to be hard. Fair warning, it took me over a year to get Screaming Death.

Also, most dragons will eventually be available for search/ collection, but the cycle is easily a year long. This is a game of patience if you wanna catch 'em all. I’m about a third way through and I’ve played daily since the launch.

Here’s a purely visual suggestion: redo the quaken roost. Make it a new type - a bowl shaped roost. The quaken could roll around the bowl. This would look much better than the awkward and nonsensical rolling in place. Needs a new roost model, some quaken animation changes and you should be all set!

if i can add another one
more islands! we need a lot more for our dragons, theres so many dragons i wanna get out of the hangar but i cant because we need to constantly put new buildings down, we dont want more buildings, we want more dragons on our islands! X)
so , more islands and less buildings

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I am a new player. how can i get toothless costume. while the event to get the costume has passed. please give a solution to get the costume :joy:

aogasd : i have been trying for over 2 and a half years to get the screaming death legendary dragon but so far no luck… mainly because of 2 major reasons and it is these here

#1 . the insane purchase price of the Screaming Death ( 69,000 plus runes to buy or more )
#2 . trying to gather enough of the items required to get the dragon ( ie ) 30 of this item, 30 of that item, 50 of that item, 50 of that item, 50 of this item and so on and so on etc etc basically it ( the screaming death ) is one insanely over priced dragon to get and to be quite honest i am on the verge of giving up on ever getting it because of the 2 facts mentioned above, pity as i would like to have it just for the sheer fact that i had such an awesome dragon in my collection… it took me long enough to get the Bewilderbeast legendary dragon ( 19 & 1/2 months in total which is major BS in my book no dragon should take that long to get no matter how elusive or hard it is to get. yet here we are once more trying to get our hands on another legendary dragon ( screaming death ) and at the currently lousy pace at which the items we need to get to finally acquire it are so few and far between it might take as long as 10 plus years before i manage to get my hands on it… LUDIA are you listening to this complaint because i am damn sure there are thousands of players of this game world wide that are in the very same boat… wondering what dirty trick is going to be pulled on us next to slow down the rate of items required to get the legendary screaming death at long last .!.

I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with completing collections, so I made a handy guide:

Could you please change back the size of the iron storage to 50k - or something like that? 15k is way to little. That has got to be the worst change you’ve ever made in this otherwise great game! It’s hard work NOT to gather too much wood, fish and iron atm…

I truly don’t understand why we have to lose big buff after our dragon rider subscription ending. I understand that we lose it after the FREE trial, but if I paid for another month I should keep Big Buff. Now I have recently be given the information that there was a time that if you had gotten the Dragon riders club before a patch you got to keep Big buff. Now I don’t understand why we can’t keep it now. Is it for money. I understand you are a company who needs funds for other things and their employees. But I mean come on why couldn’t we people who paid for the subscription be given the choice to keep Big Buff. I feel that we should keep him, but at a less powerful state. I propose you lower all his stats by 33% when the trial is over, but you get to keep him. But while the trial is on it should be the same as he is right now. I do understand that Big Buff is a special dragon and is something only for dragon riders, but if we can’t afford to keep paying for it we loss everything from the club, but keep big buffed. Now I hope you can read this and take into consideration and listen and respond to what I had to say. Thank- Rafael Leal

Hi there,
I noticed that with the last releases you added a feature to save in the mail excess wood or fish earned in Brawl and some other points in the game.
Would you consider to enable the same feature when wood or fish is received at the end of a journey?
In other situations one can use the wood before collecting, but at the end of a journey there is only 1/3 chances to get a certain reward and there’s no way (that I know) to delay the collection.
I just had 25M wood in storage out of 30 and received 22M from a journey… I could have used 17M wood…

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