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Can you guys add the iron in the shop that we can buy for real money or runes since its really hard to get runes and I need thousands to upgrade my dragons and building’s TY.


Yes definitely dragons should be classfied by gathering stats!!!EXCELLENT SUGGESTION WAY TO GO!!


LUDIA : here is a good suggestion that players of the game will fall over each other to try and get their hands on !
Introduce to the game of Dragons rise of berk a * female Light Fury dragon * as seen in the trailers of the next upcoming how to train your dragon film about to be released. i for one would shove everyone else aside to beat them to it first i want it so bad !. plus it would add a new dimension to the game dynamics with the powers / abilities of this completely new dragon as well :slight_smile: it could be used in battles, journeys, gauntlets, or supply gathering or special events as needed… so LUDIA how about it can we see the female LIGHT FURY added to the game in the near future… yes or no ?? lol


I totally agree on that! It doesn’t say anywhere that the big buff is only for loan - it states its a purchase and by such its not legal to take it back! Unfortunately Ludia don’t care and Google says it’s a matter with the developer so no jurisdiction - they can do anything.
And one wonders - why aren’t runes, wood and more taken away too - they are also only for loan…or apparently not.


Close the game after spinning and reopen and then spend some wood first - then go back to spinning and gather the wood. No wood lost :grin:


First of all - give a fair chance in the game go get the legendary dragons. Having to have 3 statues at 5 will with a rate of 2 polished amber per day take 3 years!! And one cannot get more than one, cos the legendary dragons doesn’t collect more than for one polished amber a day. Polished Amber is simply too difficult to get compared to everything else. I max out 1G wood and fish daily and gather 2000 iron daily, but only one polished amber…and so many are needed for statues…were talking thousands of polished amber taking decades to get!! I’ll be as old as a viking before I can get all statues!!! (puts a new dimension of reality to the game :)).

Rewards in brawl if spots are full is ridiculous. 143.000 wood or fish…that takes 5 seconds to gather in the game!! It should be millions! Same account for these tiles or what they are called…like gather wood from a dragon and get a reward. They are fun, but gather 100.000.000 wood and get 35 runes!!! Come on, if it’s the other way around, I have to spend 1.142 runes…so it’s again a ridiculous reward.

Reward from journeys are not random but 99% predetermined. Having done more than 1000 in total I know cos if there is a huge reward it never comes through…or only once in a 100 tries! Make it fair - it doesn’t make a difference to you, but to us it does.

Silversnake in the shop are almost impossible to get and they cost several thousand runes when there. Again, make it fair - they are needed for legendary dragon and despite having wsited a year I’m not halfway with these Silversnakes.
Don’t increase max level of dragons - it’s so frustrating that once you have finally reached top level, you change and make it higher again. Let us have 134 as max for a couple of years so that more dragons can reach it.

Why does the game have to use so much bandwidth? Sometimes I can’t even play cos there’s not enough bandwidth - yet I can stream HD movies with the same bandwidth!!

Make a comparison of dragons so one can see which one is best at wood, fish, iron collection…of course then gamers will only get these dragons, so perhaps it should be a reward to get access to upon some kind of completion.

Costumes - they should be possible to get in journeys or rewards - not only by runes.

10 uds a month for a game that last years is way too much. You should make a light version (but still with good benefits) where we spend 10-15 usd a year. It’ll cost you nothing and you’ll get 100:1 paying customers compared to today.


What we really need in the Defend Berk fleet battle section of the game is * THORS GOLDEN HAMMER / GOLDEN KEY * an item that is inserted randomly into the game that players can use to unlock certain special or rare items needed for the game ! this could also be used to obtain items needed to get a legendary dragon ( say 4 or 5 random items needed for a legendary dragon towards completing the collection ) now that i would certainly be into good and proper… what do other players think … yes / no add you comments ?? :slight_smile:


But at higher levels the usefullness of wood drops drastically.

Really? If anything, I have a harder time spending fish than wood… but partly that’s because my iron collectors are biased toward ones that collect for wood (DRAGON, Solar Flare, Edgewing, and Egg Blossom), while the ones that cost fish are also some of my best fish collectors, and so I have a hard time making myself ask them to gather iron instead of fish until I have too much fish :slightly_smiling_face:. BTW, Egg Blossom is one of the most cost-effective iron collectors, at least out of dragons I currently have.

Add a visual indicator for when the dragon’s NOT selected, indicating how much time it has been collecting for.

I really like this idea. A dragon that is collecting iron, but doesn’t have any yet, shows a progress bar. Maybe the “I have resources for you to collect” icon could also have a progress bar?

This one’s a bit out there, but recall all dragons button. […] The resources could be automatically collected as long as it doesn’t overflow the basins. It would be cool if you could also send the same dragons back by tapping it again.

Don’t hold your breath.

Logically speaking, having to send dragons out is stupid. One can somewhat make an argument that only so many “slots” can be used (after all, we have “fishing spots” and all those upgrades to get more), but there is no good in-game reason why you shouldn’t be able to just select which dragons you want to gather and then not have to micro-manage them. The real reason is because making you log into the game and tap a lot is the core game mechanic. Anything that reduces how much you have to tap is almost certainly never going to happen.

Mind, I’d be ecstatic if there was one button that would collect all waiting wood/fish and reset the collection timers on all my dragons…

First, the premium dragons do not have the auality of premium

Yup… Solar Flare isn’t bad, but she’s not remarkably better than DRAGON, and even she isn’t the best iron-for-wood collector. AFAICT, the only way in which “premium” dragons are superior to better examples of non-premium dragons is that their cards have a shinier border.

Silversnake in the shop are almost impossible to get and they cost several thousand runes when there.

Yeah, these are seriously screwed up. Hint: never buy them for more than 3k runes, as it’s cheaper to spend the runes to complete the collection without them. (That said, I’ve seen them come up for wood/fish on occasion, but not very often.)

Make a comparison of dragons so one can see which one is best at wood, fish, iron collection

You do know you can look at their stats, right?

$10 a month for a game that last years is way too much.

Yup. I’ve thought about it, but I just can’t stomach that price. If it was $5/mo, I’d probably join.


You should make it so you can breed dragons please !!!


I think it is a really good idea


Just a couple of suggestions: reduce the amount fish needed to remove trees; give us the option to buy the iron & odin’s coins like we can the trees, fish, & runes; when someone spends $50 on a Legendary don’t offer other dragons at the same cost and lastly, let us use the smaller ledges for the statues.


Firstly, thanks for developing the game. It’s quite impressive the amount of animations and detail. The fact that I can run it on an old Samsung Galaxy III mini is also remarkable.
Thanks also for implementing the grid system. It has been annoying to position things so far.
I put forward a couple of ideas:

  • Improved stats on owned dragons. When the number of dragons owned increases, there’s no way to have a overview of them, with the current stats and not with the those at the max level.
  • Allow to expand wood and fish storage independently from the Meade Hall level. This way one can use the extra resources available instead of just maxing out
  • Half-speed-ups: I often find that I would be willing to spend 500 runes to half the time of a building, but not 1000. Perhaps offering a 50% speed-up for a 51% of the full price.


Hi @ozled,

We have special speed up events that cuts down 50% of the speed up cost and training events that cuts down the cost of training and feeding your Dragons.

The events generally last only for a few hours, so make sure you keep an eye on the special events.


Yes, I am aware of those. There’s one happening at the moment.
I was thinking a more ‘stable’ feature.
After all, the speed up events are exactly that: discounts to boost sales (Except here there’s no warehouse to empty). Why not make it a regular event ? :wink:


Thanks, but my problem comes from the fact that the stack is full because I cannot spend it fast enough. Perhaps I was too good at my dragons… :wink:


In regards to space on current islands Id rather much prefer being able to use all the grid squares available. Im often finding that no matter how I lay out my dragons and buildings I ALWAYS end up with some of the available grid unusable. The odd one square here or 2x2 section there even a random row of one squares thats 6 long all of which that nothing will fill.

see attached image to see what I mean. Its annoying knowing I have enough space go fit more but its all spread out everywhere. A reshape of islands or an ajustment to buildings to help lower this (like making the single viking houses a 2x2 building instead of 3x3) would be awesome.


a better one showing available spaces better


Thank you for your feedback and suggestion @AzureWolf13!

We’ll relay this to our developers and see if any adjustments can be made. Have a great day!


Well I like the new dragons included in the update but in the next update I would like to see a few new thingslike

  • slitherwing, deathgrippers, Crimson goregutter, hobgobbler and grim gnashes dragons added to the exploration list

  • new missions

  • the ability to polish more than just five amber at a time


Is it possible to expand the land again? Some of the land areas are off by one row, so it I can’t add another dragon to it. I’m trying to do groups of dragons on the land (ex. the land outside of the Green/Red Death I have Skrills on one side and Gronkles/Quakens on the other side). It’s a shame we can’t put the statues (seasonal and all of the others) on the small ridges so that there is more room for the houses and dragons.
Seasonal statues: I love that we can get wood & fish from the statues, along with items needed for collections, amber and even for the Gauntlets (can we get more sage fruit & action bars?), but can you add Odin coins to the Seasonal statues as well?
Thank you! :slight_smile: