Game symptoms 😔

anyone else getting severe depression and anxiety from this game? depression when i lose after trying so hard to upgrade my team. anxiety followed by depression when it comes time to fuse and you get a stinking 10 after working so hard to collect dna. theres only so much of this that one can endure before the game actually becomes a negative or unhealthy activity. guess a break is needed.


Severe depression? Nah. Anxiety? Nah. Severe APATHY? Yup.

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Hi folks when fusing DNA watch what each Dino moves like to get more than 10 fuse.
For example when indom stomps it’s left foot. All raptor tap there right claw. There’s others were you have to wait for them to move there head in a certain way.

These are annoying, but that’s life… My only real problem with this game are the cloakers/evade working all the time, throwing all the strategy down the toilet… makes me so mad…

A little tough love?

If you’re truly feeling depression and anxiety from a game, it’s probably time to quit the game and seek medical treatment.

If you’re using those terms flippantly and really you just mean the game is annoying, use better words. ‘Severe depression and anxiety’ are not a joke.


It’s not really a game you can just take a break from for a couple of weeks though. You stop upgrading and everyone else will continue, leading to more loses. It’s definitely something you can get addicted too. There’s times when I’m hunting down 48 stupid commons thinking why am I wasting my life on this but if I don’t do it then someone else will and I miss my chance. The joy has diminishing returns absolutely but it’s still there. My last 3 epic incubators have been rather disappointing and being F2P it’s been months since I’ve had one that has giving me any type of joy. I guess when we started any epic was a bonus but now if it’s not Monolophosaurus I’m let down.

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maybe not severe but constant disappointment breeds those thoughts. im just the only one admitting it. everyone else just quits but i like the game to much to quit.