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Game tells me my account has been suspended?


So, I got this when trying to login today… am I banned? It would really be a shame for me to get banned, because I’ve worked very hard to get my team (lvl 30 indoraptor, lvl 26 erlidominus)
What can I do to fix this?


Contact them and admit to cheating and take your reset?


How would you know he cheated ?


But this would make me lose all my progress wouldn’t it? What if I wasn’t cheating? I’ve been working very hard on this game for months. I was just going to lvl up my trykosaurus to lvl 25… if this is ludia’s way of thanking me for being a hard worker then I do not want to put any more money into this game.


Because “he” wasn’t caught up in some machine learning algo or the forum would have been flooded with these posts already. Someone paid specific attention to their account and suspended it manually. They did some dirt.

My question is, why did you assume they are a ‘he’? That’s way more messed-up.


Sorry for gendering him/her up, I take that back.


you must have missed this part “lvl 30 indoraptor”


Lvl30 indoraptor lol, you deserve it


I am playing > 4hours every day since release and i am mainly using the bus or tram. Nethertheless i am not even close to lvl 30 indoraptor ( mine is lvl 23). Furthermore my erlikosaurus is lvl 15 and i do not even have erlidominus. How the hell could you possibly be legit??? Maybe you spend 10k real cash but other than that i cant believe that you are legit…


This obviously isn’t the case. If they dropped that kind of trust fund coin daddy’s lawyer would already be on the case.


My Indoraptor is level 28 ; I play 6h per day and have spent around 2.5k in the game. Please stop assuming stuff.


Did they deny it? Nope.


Most likely they don’t care about what you think.


This person isn’t acting like someone who has been woefully wronged. Don’t act dense.


do you also have a lvl 26 erlidominus and lvl 25 trykosaurus…

imagine the TREX dna you’d have to get to have lvl 30 indoraptor and the 2 above, because all three require it.


Just doing some quick calculations, that would cost upwards of 10,000


You are not getting my point. I find it utterly scandalous that people outright claim he’s a cheater just because he has good dinos. He could just have a lot of free time and dedication to to the game and / or have invested a lot of cash. The fact that you assume the cash is undeserved and comes from daddy’s trust fund says more about you (i.e. you’re just being jealous) than it says about him…


There simply hasn’t been enough game time to gain those as F2P, even walking/driving 12 hours a day. If they had spent that much money they would be approaching their issue in a MUCH different fashion.


I’d do just what the screen says: Contact support for further information.

It says your account has been suspended… that could mean it’s being reviewed, they may need documentation like receipts, or some other form of information in order to remove the account from being suspect.

You won’t know until you contact them. If you cheated, take the rap on the knuckles and move on. If you didn’t, let them know and provide the receipts or proof they ask for.


I usually encounter 2 T-rex a day on average, and make 100 DNA an encounter. Given the game has been out for 100 days or so, that amounts to 20,000 DNA in total. Way above the 10K you calc’d.