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Game time of day suggestion

Here’s an idea, have a page in game that lets you know when dawn/dusk starts and ends every day, considering it’s imperative to get certain creatures this way, we should have a way of tracking it easier!!


Eucladeros keeps evading me because of this

You can Google “dusk [city name]” to see when night time begins in game. In my case it’s about one and a half hours after the game gets dusky, but that period changes duration over the seasons. There might be a calculation possible, but I haven’t figured out the algorithm yet.
Same with “dawn [city name]”.

Yeah I know it can be done this way, just think it’d be nice to somehow have a way they can show us in game, also hey tiel XD i see you are on here often too!

Who are you then? :slight_smile:

Ah right, forgot I use google to sign in, I’m Matthias_97 from PG ha

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