Game turned my 12 hour incubator into 3 hr?


I won a battle and got a 12 hour incubator from winning but after a went to go open it, it showed me this and o just want my 12 hour incubator


It says that it’s a 3 hour but it’s not so can I get my 12 hour?


Hey XxBlueN1njaXx, our team has been notified of a similar issue like yours on this thread here: 24 hr incub switcheroo

Contact our support team with your support key and more information along with any screenshots you have to help them with the investigation. They can be reached at


How long does it take them to reply back?


Our support team have been receiving a lot more tickets lately, so I’m not able to tell you when they might respond but they’re working as fast as possible to get to everyone who needs help.