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Question on the Code 19s. So in the video you mention the rewards being based on the number of dinos in the paddocks. I’ve always evolved everything as high as it will go which improves coin production but now I’m thinking maybe I might want to not do that so much, to get better Code 19 rewards. Thoughts? Obviously if your coin production is as good as you want, it’s a clear choice but that’s still an aspect of my game I want to improve on as well, but maybe evolving isn’t enough of a boost to miss out on better Code 19 rewards.

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I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly how it determine the rewards and what the cutoffs are but it appears that more creatures in the paddock = better rewards from the code 19. I have some data where more creatures got better rewards say 1 level 40 and 8 level 10s but 2 level 40s and a couple of level 10s got less, obviously the two level 40s are more useful in regular day to day activities but not as good for the code 19 mini game.


Thanks, okay I definitely will keep that in mind at least for the ones I don’t need to level up for game purposes other than coins. I’m only now getting to the point that I have to level them up due to filling all the spots in my paddocks (commons only so far, but that is also because so far I evolve them immediately).

When we’re talking about rewards, it’s mainly the Exp and DNA, right? I couldn’t push the s-DNA higher just with more creatures in a paddock could I?

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Latest video which goes over general park layout options for coin generation.


Latest Video that goes over the Basics on Ferocity.


This is your best video so far. Everyone who is interested in the basic logic of this game should watch it.
By the way, even my wife showed some interest in this game for the first time by watching your maths.
Well, her comments were typical, like ‘How did he calculate all this, has this poor man nothing else to do’.:wink:


Yeaaah new video,!!!


why do the refresh? Can I trade Super rares and rares for coin?

If you are asking about the trade harbor video, I do the refreshes because at the end of them, typically 3 a day, I am ahead in resources. The way my market is set up almost any DB offer I get pays for the refreshes for the day. But each refresh gives me additional food, DNA, LP, or DB trades that I can take.

I am not sure what your second question is asking unless you are talking about trading creatures for coin in the custom trade section which you can do but I am not sure why anyone would want to.


Well,from my previous account,I know that once I get higher,I would get my hatcheries flooded and the best way for me to progress is coins ,he decorations and building method that is,so I want to trade them,cause form my previous experience,I know that when I reach above,my market will be flooded with aquatics and cenezoics I do not need.

I was close to unlocking the trade harbor and had lots of plans to trade all my accumulated stacks of Super Rares ,I had atleast 6 Protostega or Dakosaurus all the time.

I had to quit and rejoin cause my pc on which I used bluestacks to play was broken by my cousin

Do you mean Dino Bucks and not Coins? I am not aware of a late game player or even mid game player where coins are the limiting factor.

I am a early game player,not dino bucks,I need coins to level up cause they help in expansions and buying and selling the most expensive decoration repetitively will give you lot of XP,and then you need coin to participate in events,trust me,I spend coin faster than dna and bucks. Although,Dino bucks are also very important to speed the hatchery and stuff.

Just keep in mind every Dino you sell is lost coins from a generation stand point, no building can compete with Paddocks of creatures. If you have the DB to spend I would speed up a hatch before selling the creature for coins. Just my 2 cents.

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I need coins all the time.

My best creatures for coins are 2 triceratops which I maxed out.